On this episode, we’re geeking out about famous dogs of Instagram! I got to talk to the dog mom behind @MyCanineLife, a huge dog influencer account that’s all about exploring, camping and living it up with dogs. We discuss her top dog Instagram growth tips, how to handle accounts with multiple dogs and some photography gear recommendations.

Whether you have a pet industry brand or you’re a dog momager, we can all use some Instagram growth tips to reach more pet lovers.

Instagram Growth Tips from Dog Influencer @MyCanineLife

Hana Kim describes herself as “just a normal human who loves her dogs and decided to make her them an Instagram account”. Her life revolves around three retrievers. Her star, Gumbo, the golden retriever. A lazy lion of a lab, named Aslan. And the crazy yet adorable Toller, Maple. Hana enjoys exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and has a passion for taking photos of them.

Their Instagram account @mycaninelife has over 100,000 followers and has become an outlet to share their adventures, favorite products, and daily life shenanigans. Being an influencer has opened a lot of opportunities and connections for Hana and her pups, and I can’t wait to share their story with you!

Hana Kim of MyCanineLife, dog instagram influencer

Topics Discussed in this episode:

  • How Hana went from novice Instagram user to popular influencer
  • Her dog’s career change from guide dog to therapy dog
  • Dog Instagram growth tips
  • Finding something unique that makes your account stand out
  • Choosing a camera for your style
  • Planning your photos and content
  • Tastefully incorporating sponsored content

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Resources Shared in this episode:

Grow Your Dog's Instagram account with MyCanineLife dog Influencer

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