On this episode, I’m talking to Julie Krauss who is the co-founder of HuggleHounds, the maker of some of our favorite dog toys. Each year HuggleHounds re-designs their holiday collections, and Julie shares with us what that process is like from starting the designs a year and a half in advance to the final delivery which includes inspecting every single toy to make sure they meet their safety standards.

It’s no surprise that HuggleHounds is also a dog friendly workplace, so listen to hear what it’s like to have 7 dogs in the office. We talk about all that and more, let’s dive in!

Creating High Quality and Stylish Dog Toys for Today’s Pet Parents

Julie Krauss is the co-founder of HuggleHounds, a brand that creates premium pet products that combine in-depth research with cutting-edge technology. When she launched the brand in 2008, Julie sensed a continued and growing trend of pet owners eager to invest heavily in their pet’s overall well-being, coupled with a gap in the marketplace of high-quality, safety-minded and highly-styled pet products.

Today, HuggleHounds is widely recognized as the most unique, design-driven and highly-styled line of pet products available. They’re known for intense product testing, ground-breaking technology, a focus on durability along with exciting season-changing styles that appeal to pet parents worldwide. You can find their products at the finest retailers in the pet space, from Orvis to LL Bean and independent pet boutiques around the globe.

Julie is also a proud dog mom to two labradors, Scout and Bridgett.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • How HuggleHounds makes their toys durable, safe, fun, and unique
  • Planning early for Christmas/holiday products
  • Adapting to the changes in the pet industry
  • Ensuring and guaranteeing the quality of your products


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