Everybody loves a party, especially one full of our most favorite people in the world: our dogs! It’s not hard to throw a good puppy party, but I have some tips for you to make sure it all goes according to plan. You may also want to get some puppy food and you will want the best puppy food 2019. The Official Wear Wag Repeat Puppy Party Planning Guide will help you throw a fun, stylish and memorable get together with your BFFs (Best Furry Friends) and their owners.


Puppy Party Planning Guide

    1. Designate a Dog Friendly Area
      If you’re having this party at your home, ideally you can take it out outdoors where there is less risk of damaging your decor. Either way, make sure to designate where dogs are and are not permitted at your house. Stock the dog friendly zone with a couple of water bowls and some clean up supplies like poo bags and hand wipes. We’ll talk about what to do with dog treats later!
    2. Keep People Food Away from the Dogs
      It’s all fun and games until someone eats all the cheese. We learned the hard way to make sure all the people food at your party is pushed as far back from the edge of the table as possible. Lucy is a recovering counter surfer and at various parties she’s eaten a whole pizza, fried chicken and an entire log of goat cheese. So, I’m serious when I say push everything back away from the edge! I also recommend using plastic cups since long stemmed wine glasses and wagging tails do not mix well!
    3. Make some special Treats for the Dogs
      I have a few recipes that are my go-tos when other dogs come to play. They are gluten free and healthy (in moderation), so most dogs can enjoy them. I recommend pupcakes or pupsicles so that each dog can get their own. Make sure you have your camera ready because the best part is watching them chow down!
    4. Plan a few activites
      Depending on the season, you can theme one or two activities around a holiday or time of year. In the Summer, fill up a kiddie pool and let the dogs cool off in the water. Around Halloween you might want to have bobbing for tennis balls. In the spring time you could have an “Easter Egg” hunt with treats hidden around the yard. It doesn’t have to be complicated because the dogs will probably have fun just playing with each other, but this can be a picture perfect added element for your furry guests to enjoy. Be creative and keep your camera on hand to capture it all!
    5. Safety
      Get to know the dogs you’re inviting over. Ask the owners about any ball or food aggression and limit triggers that could create a problem. We want everyone to have fun and be safe at your puppy party! It’s a good idea to have a simple dog first aid kit on hand in case of any scrapes or cuts. Your dog should already be insured but if they’re not, it’s definitely a good idea to get them insured. Check out some pet insurance reviews to find the best policy for you and your dog.

Have you thrown a fabulous puppy party? Tell me all about it in the comments below or send me a tweet, you can also pin this image below for later!


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