One of my favorite things I’ve done at my house is paint my front door pink! It is just so me! Let me tell you a little story about how long this has been coming. Back in grade school I went to a very strict private school with uniforms. We had to wear exactly what was on the approved list and I was always getting detention or suspended for wearing the wrong colored socks or rolling up my kilt too short! I’ve never been a conformist, and never will be.

My Pink Door and New Love Sign

In 8th grade all I wanted in the world was to dye my hair pink like Gwen Stefani. When I finally got to high school I pierced my belly button and my nose, wore stilettos with ripped up jeans and finally dyed a pink steak in my hair! It turned out that people with black hair probably aren’t meant to have pink hair… I couldn’t keep up with all the bleaching and re-dying. But I never got tired of my obsession with pink! It just makes me so happy!

My Pink Door and New Love Sign

I have a new addition that I hope will spread a message of love and joy to everyone who walks by. If the pink door isn’t enough to boost your spirits, I now have LOVE written on the window above it. Through this blog and all my social media, my hope is that my photos of Lucy and all our pink-ness make someone smile. This is just one more piece of that effort.

My Pink Door and New Love SignMy Pink Door and New Love Sign

There are so many other fabulous pink doors around the world that I’m inspired by. I think it’s fair to say that people who live in houses with pink doors are pretty cool! I love this one in London that has googly eyes on it! I also did a round up of dogs in front of pink doors because cool pink door people also love dogs!

My Pink Door and New Love Sign

Thank you to American Sign Letters for providing this sign to me! I turned out absolutely perfectly!

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