Here’s what my average morning looks like (prepare to be riveted!): Wake up to dog breath, immediately look at the time on my phone (6:30am, thanks Lucy!). Go downstairs, phone in hand, let the dogs out, grab their (slobber covered) bowls and dish out some breakfast. Check Instagram on my phone while they eat. Make my own breakfast, watch the news, check my phone some more. Get dressed for the gym. Head outside to clean up dog poop in the yard on my way out the door. Workout with my bluetooth headphones, Pandora playing on my phone. Consult saved workouts on Pinterest a few times… Seeing a pattern? Lots of phone touching. But you know what’s missing from this routine? CLEANING THE PHONE!

Sprucies Screen Cleaner

Luckily I was contacted by Spruce & Co who makes an adorable little phone cleaning wiped called Sprucies. When I got them I instantly loved the variety of cute, fun colored packages. Since they look so good, I don’t mind keeping them on my desk, which encourages me to use them more.


The best thing about these little wipes is that they are made in the USA, derived from palm and coconut oil and are alcohol, ammonia and fragrance free. So, when your dog decides to rip up the packaging you don’t have to worry about dangerous cleaning chemicals.

Sprucies Screen Cleaner

If you want to spruce up your life and de-germ your phone from time to time, Spruce & Co is offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders at spruceandco.com through Labor Day. (Code: FREESHIP)

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