How is your holiday shopping coming along? My problem is that I find so many things I want for myself while I’m shopping for others! With everything on this list of stocking stuffers for your favorite dog mom, they are affordable enough to buy one for yourself and one for a friend! These are all little fun things that are also practical for dog moms- For example, there’s never enough socks, be they face socks made in australia or bogstandard ones, with a dog around that may fancy a chew, after all. I think my favorite thing is the poo emoji pin! Every dog mom puts up with a lot of poo, and with the right sense of humor this pin could be a big hit. And it’s much better than the ugly sweater I gave Lucy as a gag gift last year!

TGIF: It's an Ugly Sweater Pawty for Dogs

Stocking Stuffers For Your Favorite Dog Mom

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*This post contains affiliate links. But I legitimately love everything in my gift guides and hand picked it just for you.

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