Shopping For A Stylish Dog Treat Jar

Sometimes you update your decor because you feel like it, other times you’re kind of forced into it. I had a dog sitter staying with Lucy earlier this year and when I got home the treat jar we’d had for over 5 years was broken. It wasn’t valuable or really even particularly my style, but I’d had it for a long time and it matched the coffee jar I kept right beside it. Then a few weeks ago I was cleaning one of the windows in my kitchen and it didn’t go back in right so it fell down and broke the coffee jar!

That brings us to my current obsession – shopping for a stylish dog treat jar and matching coffee jar!

Stylish Treat Jar for Dog Moms

Shopping for A Stylish Dog Treat Jar

I always start my shopping searches on Amazon because there are just so many options and I can get most of them with Prime, a.k.a. free shipping! Try a free trial of Amazon Prime if you don’t already have it. When I searched for “treat jar” almost everything had paw prints on it or some other cheesy dog motif. I love dogs, but I would like to find something a little more stylish since it sits on my kitchen counter all the time. When I broadened my search I found a lot of on-trend looks like faux marble, millennial pink and eventually discovered a flamingo and donut jar!

On Trend Dog Treat Jars

These dog treat jars on all very on trend and would be a great addition to any kitchen. I have white granite counters and a few other marble accessories, and I also have aqua colored accents (you can see what my kitchen looks like over here). Then there’s a pink option because I can never have enough pink!

On Trend Dog Treat Jars

Faux Marble: White marble is always a classy choice, this faux marble treat jar would look great in my kitchen.
Millennial Pink: This color is literally everywhere, so why not add a pop to your treat time with this jar!
Mason Jar Style: Mason jars will never go out of style, they’re a classic. I love the aqua color of this jar and that it comes in a set of 3.

Whimsical Dog Treat Jars

I just can’t even handle some of these! I looooove the flamingo and I’m very tempted to order that one. And can you believe there’s an I Love Lucy jar that says “Lucy’s Chocolate Factory”? I couldn’t be more perfect for us!

Whimsical Dog Treat Jars

Donut worry, be happy: This donut treat jar adds just the right amount of playfulness to your counters!
Flamingos wearing crowns: For my pink lovers! You have to smile seeing this fun flamingo treat jar!
Pineapple style: The airtight lid on this pineapple jar is perfect for keeping your dog treats fresh!

Animal Shaped Treat Jars

In my online shopping adventures, I discovered some pretty cute jars shaped like dogs and other animals. I can’t resist sharing these with you! The dog one’s aren’t the most stylish options, but they’ll definitely make you smile! And treat time is all about smiling, right?

Animal Shaped Dog Treat Jars

Ready to Play: This doggo is ready to play with you! How can you resist putting this golden retriever puppy jar in your kitchen?
Lucy the Lab: I don’t know much about the Pioneer Woman, but I guess she has a lab named Lucy, too? She’s not chocolate, but this lab shaped jar is pretty darn cute. I love the serious expression!
Chic Blue Fox: This is the most stylish of the animal shaped jars that I found. This blue fox looks like an expensive accent piece, but it’s really a treat jar!

Our Favorite Dog Treats

Of course, you need to put treats in the jars! These are some of our favorites to take on walks and snack on throughout the day. You can also make your own treats. Check out my recipe for simple gluten-free dog treats.



Shopping For A Stylish Treat Jar



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  1. Ellen

    Love all of these! I just ordered the mason jar canisters for regular kitchen stuff and the vintage ceramic jar for dog treats. Thanks for the tips!

    • Tori

      I love the jars you ordered! I’m still procrastinating… I need to just commit to 2!


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