Summer is the best time to get caught up on your reading. Nothing is better than hanging out in the yard or at a park with your dog and reading a book all afternoon! Since I renewed my library card this Spring I have been reading a ton of books. Once a month I like to find a dog book. It could be a scientific study, dog-friendly cook book or a novel.

Recently, I read the perfect book to add to your Summer reading list:  Jonathan Unleashed by Meg Rosoff. It’s a really cute novel about a young guy working in the advertising industry who ends up watching his brother’s dogs for several months. The dogs end up teaching him about appreciating balance in life and pursuing what makes you happy.

Jonathan Unleashed by Meg Rosoff

I really related to this book because I also used to work in the advertising industry and found it to leave a lot to be desired! Just like the main character, Jonathan, I learned to take some inspiration from my dog and pursue more of what makes me happy – swimming, chewing on sticks and stealing food from picnic tables. Oh, wait! Those are actually Lucy’s favorite things! Mine include working from home and providing Instagram consulting to clients who are kind and creative, plus lots of park breaks and time to hang out with my friends.

I think this book is the perfect Summer read for any stylish dog mom because it’s light and fun, but also reminds you how much your dog contributes to your life. I wouldn’t categorize it as “chick lit”, but it does include a live-steamed wedding and a dramatic breakup orchestrated by the dogs. I’m really happy it made it’s way to my nightstand! PS, this is a DIYed nightstand that I created to match my hand stenciled vintage dresser! It’s worth a click if you haven’t seen it before.

What dog book is on your Summer reading list?

Summer Reading List: Jonathan Unleashed by Meg Rosoff