Why You Need a Belt Bag To Walk The Dog

Yes… you read that right. I’m wearing a fanny pack! But it’s not a fanny pack, it’s actually my new favorite dog walking accessory and I’m referring to it as a belt bag. Join me on my new favorite trend! Let’s start a revolution rebooting the Fanny Pack! Read on to find out why you need a belt bag to walk the dog.

Rebooting the Belt Bag (Formerly Known as a Fanny Pack!)

Why You Need a Belt Bag To Walk The Dog

I discovered the Mini Belt Bag from DOOG about a month ago. I’m not even kidding when I tell you it was love at first sight. You see, years ago I imagined an elastic belt with an attached pouch just big enough for poo bags, my phone and house keys. I thought I could wrap the belt over top of my puffy coat in the winter, or wear it over skirts and shorts that lacked pockets in the summer. I even ran all over town buying supplies to make this imaginary belt bag.

But those supplies sat un-used for years. I’m not sure what prevented me from actually making it. But now I don’t have to because DOOG did!

Rebooting the Belt Bag (Formerly Known as a Fanny Pack!)

Rebooting the Belt Bag (Formerly Known as a Fanny Pack!)

Using a Belt Bag to hold Your Phone

Let me tell you all the ways I love this bag (by the way, I was gifted this item but I’m not being compensated for this post, I really am just crazy in love!). I love to listen to podcasts while Lucy and I walk each day. I was always stuffing my phone into the waistband of my leggings or in the top of my sports bra. My phone would get all sweaty and nasty and it also fell out a lot. Not to mention, it didn’t look very good!

Rebooting the Belt Bag (Formerly Known as a Fanny Pack!)

Using a Belt Bag to Hold Poop Bags

And is it just me, or is it hard to find a good poo bag dispenser? The plastic ones always break on me, and tying a bag around the handle of my leash just isn’t cute. But poo bags are a MUST! This bag actually has a built in opening that you can feed poo bags through. I haven’t seen that on too many other fanny packs, which is why this one is perfect for dog moms.

Of course, I also want to take my house key and a few little treats in case Lucy needs to heal or come during our walk.

Stuffing all of these things into my waistband wasn’t working anymore!

Since I got this mini belt bag I have used it on almost every walk for the past month. It’s so low key and insanely practical. If I could recommend one new dog related purchase to you, it would be a belt bag or fanny pack.

I actually have a few fanny packs in the Wear Wag Repeat Shop. These are made in Los Angeles and come in such fun colors. Click through to shop The Trail is Calling Fanny Pack or Dog Days Fanny Pack and you can also add on a coordinating collapsible water bowl.

Rebooting the Belt Bag (Formerly Known as a Fanny Pack!)

My Favorite Belt Bags for Dog Walks

This style is perfect for our long daily walk, but since I love the functionality so much I started searching for more fashionable belt bags that I could use when Lucy and I go to a dog friendly event, restaurant or shop. I found a bunch of other styles and need your help to pick which one I should get!


Which fashionable belt bag is your favorite? Will you join me in reclaiming the fanny pack!? Share the image below on Pinterest to help me get the trend rolling!

Rebooting the Belt Bag (Formerly Known as a Fanny Pack!)

Photos by Cristin Goss. Dog Momager shirt available here.

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  1. Rachel

    I seriously need one of these!

    • Tori

      I can’t even tell you how much I use it! Basically every single walk now. I want a fashion-verion too!

  2. Lisa

    Oh my gosh, I really didn’t know that belt bags exist, especially such fancy ones! If I were you, I would go with the Bloomingdale’s one! I definitely need one of those!!!

    • Tori

      I love the blush pink one from Bloomingdales too! Looks like it would be very versatile!


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