I Shared Pandemic Puppy Advice with The Wall Street Journal!

Did you get a new dog during the pandemic thinking it would be all fun and games? While puppies and rescue dogs definitely add a priceless amount of joy to each day, they also add a lot of pricey expenses each month!

To help you save on your pandemic puppy expenses, turn to The Wall Street Journal! I was interviewed alongside veterinarians and other pet care experts about tips to save money on your dog expenses. Check out “What That Pandemic Puppy Will Cost You” in the special Wealth Management section.

Tori Mistick in Wall Street Journal

My Pandemic Puppy Advice in The Wall Street Journal!

It was such an honor to be interviewed and so prominently featured in this article! I was interviewed by the journalist, Bruce Horovitz, back in November. We talked for nearly an hour about all of the expenses I have for Burt and Lucy and the many ways I’ve come up with to save money. If you have a new pandemic puppy, this is valuable information!

Bruce did such an amazing job of summing up our conversation and tieing it into all the other expert advice in this piece!

One bit of advice I share in The Wall Street Journal article is about how to save on dog food. I recommend you join loyalty programs and subscribe to emails for your local pet supply stores. I sign up for all the programs and emails and when I spot a really good coupon or sale – like 20% off – I’ll stock up on 4 or 5 bags of dog food!

If you want to learn even more money saving tips, I’m working on a series to help you save money in all areas of your pet’s life. Check out what I’ve published so far:

This article is in the print edition of The Wall Street Journal on Monday, January 25th! I can’t believe how big our photo is!

tori mistick wall street journal

Also, let’s just reflect on how amazing it is to see Burt’s photo in The Wall Street Journal! From homeless in Ohio, to living the shelter life for over a year… now he’s in one of the most well-respected newspapers in the world! 

Just amazing!

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