I hope you’re having a great Throwback Thursday! This is usually one of my favorite days of the week because everyone usually posts puppy photos and I love to see all those little fur babies. This week I decided to share one of my favorite photos of little puppy Lucy cuddled up with her big sister Lola.

I took about 500 photos this day while both of the girls were napping on the giant Orvis dog bed I ordered for Lucy’s arrival. The bed was so huge that not only could the dogs nap on it together, but sometimes I even squeezed in there, too! I really love this quote about the amazingly kind spirit of our dogs. If the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all. That is certainly true about my dear Lola and I think Lucy is started to live up to the quote now too. It’s such a joy to see her grow from a crazy puppy (which lasted until she was 4 years old), to a more mature dog.

Kind Souls

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