DIY Christmas Dog Snow Globe

If you’re still trying to think of the perfect gift for the dog lovers on your list, you could always give them a big bag of their dog’s favorite treats! Since I like to get crafty with my gifts, I took that idea and rolled it in some glitter to create something that my stylish dog mom friends would love to receive.

What I love about this crafty DIY snow globe with a dog inside is that it includes delicious Vita Bone® Artisan Inspired® Biscuits for the dog and a piece of festive holiday decor that your friend can enjoy all season long.

Treat Dog Lovers To This Crafty Gift

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Treat Dog Lovers To This Crafty Gift

Supplies to Make Your Own Dog Snow Globe

What you need to make this dog snow globe is a bag of Vita Bone treats, a tall glass jar, a small dog ornament (here’s the exact one I used), tinfoil, white paint and silver craft glitter. I’d recommend picking up a little doggy ornament that matches the breed that your friend has, it will make this gift even more thoughtful. Here’s a little dachshund, a Huskey and a boxer.

If crafting intimidates you, stop right here! You can still create a thoughtful, personalized gift without breaking out the paint and glitter. If you want a simple and stylish solution, just fill the glass jar with Vita Bone treats and the mini dog ornament. Tie it up with a big festive bow and you have a beautiful gift!

You can totally gift this to your friends exactly as is, I think it would be a big hit! But if you want to take the extra steps and make your own Snow Globe, keep reading for the instructions to make that happen.

Treat Dog Lovers To This Crafty Gift

How to Create the DIY Snow Globe

To make the snow globe, I formed a piece of tinfoil into a mini mountain to perch my dog on top of. This is why it’s important to get a mini ornament (like this one that’s less than 2″ tall).

Paint your tinfoil mountain white to make it extra snowy, and while the paint is still wet sprinkle on the glitter to give it an icy look. Pull out your trusty hot glue gun to attach the mountain to the lid of the jar. Then hot glue your dog ornament to the top of the mountain.

Treat Dog Lovers To This Crafty Gift

Treat Dog Lovers To This Crafty Gift

Treat Dog Lovers To This Crafty Gift

Treat Dog Lovers To This Crafty Gift

The Perfect Holiday Decor for Dog Moms

This DIY snow globe fits in perfectly with my holiday decor! I love seeing this little chocolate lab nestled amongst the candy-colored trees, mini ornaments and of course, extra Vita Bone treats! As you can see, for Lucy the treats were the most appealing part of this project.

In case you’re wondering, yes I did try filling the jar up with water, but I found that if even just a little bit of the white paint washed off it made the water totally cloudy. So I decided to be happy with the dry snow globe effect. I can still pick it up and shake it around to make it extra glittery!

Treat Dog Lovers To This Crafty Gift

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DIY christmas dog snow globe

DIY snow globe with dog inside


  1. Poseidon & Chloe

    Love homemade snowglobes, and I never thought to use it as a dog gift. Gonna try to make one for our walker!

    • Poseidon & Chloe

      Oh…and our favorite craft tradition? Hmm…does breaking ornaments count? If not…probably the paw print cards we make for our walkers!


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