There’s nothing better than watching the pure joy that overtakes your pup when they get zoomies! They’re so excited that their legs try to keep up with the rest of their body as they run loops around the grass. Pictures can’t really capture the joy of a zoomie, so I rounded up some of my favorite GIFs of dogs loosing control because they can’t handle the excitement.

Zoomies are better in Threes!

If you recognize this chocolate chunk it’s because it’s Lucy! I got this cute video of her and some furiends running around with the zoomies together. Try not to smile when you’re watching this!



This Dog Can’t Believe He’s on the Sound of Music Set!

I’d get the zoomies too if I thought the hills were alive with the sound of music. What a sweet pup!


Someone call the Queen! This pack of Corgis has the zoomies!

This mama is so excited that her puppy Corgis get to come out and play, she’s showing them the pure joy of running around with the zoomies!


This very good dog is sooo excited to see you!

Hairpin turn zoomies mean that your dog is extra excited to run around and play with you!


This Dog is So Excited that Zoomies just took over his body

He knows you’re about to throw the ball and it’s just-so-exciting!!! Sometimes zoomies takeover and you can’t control yourself.


Zoomies Are Best in a big open yard

This Wheaton Terrier knows how to make the most of his space… by doing big looping zoomies on every square inch!


Even Pigs get the Zoomies!

I think this little piggy in a little pink piggy jacket is my spirit animal! This little girl is so pumped to run around she even tried to get a goat to do zoomies with her.


Bring the feeling of zoomies home with you!

I created a candle for the Wear Wag Repeat shop that’s inspired by the pure joy and happiness that overcomes your pup when they get hit with the zoomies! It’s a super fresh Tall Grass scent that reminds me of the most perfect Summer day in the park with Lucy.

Introducing the Wear Wag Repeat Shop for Stylish Dog Moms

Shop for a zoomies candle!


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