The Best Warm Dog Walking Jeans for Winter

Just because it’s cold and snowy out doesn’t mean that we stay inside all Winter. My dogs Burt and Lucy need to go out for a walk (or two) every day. With the right gear I’ve found that I can enjoy our daily dog walks in just about any weather. For the past few years, I’ve been relying on a pair of very warm flannel lined jeans on super cold winter days. Recently I wanted to see if I could find other warm jeans for our winter dog walks. A girl needs options!

Old Navy Built in Warm Jeans for Winter Dog Walks

I tested 4 pairs of warm jeans by wearing them on city dog walks, park strolls, hikes and typical dog mom errands. I love to find clothes that are practical enough for a dog walk, but also stylish enough to wear for the rest of my day. All four pairs have their pros and cons. Spoiler alert: I’m keeping all of them in my regular rotation this winter!

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The Best Warm Jeans You Can’t Live Without for Winter Dog Walks

The Best Warm Jeans from Old Navy for Winter Dog Walks

Stylish Fleece Lined Jeans

Old Navy, Built-In Warm Rockstar Skinny Jeans

These Old Navy jeans come in a variety of styles and have a thin fleece adhered to the inside of the denim to give extra cozy warmth. I love how they fit and they’re so comfortable that I wore them all day after our morning dog walk – and for the next 3 days! They held their shape really well even after several days of long walks and lounging at home.

These jeans look stylish enough to do errands or meet with friends. I just swapped out my dog walking boots for something more fashionable. These really feel like super cozy sweatpants but look like regular skinny jeans. In addition to the traditional denim color, I also bought the high rise black skinny jeans and love them just as much.

Pros: The best price! They held their shape really well. Very flattering and fashionable.
Cons: They aren’t super warm, I think they’re best days around 30 degrees.
Price: $44.99, and keep an eye out for Old Navy sales!

LL Bean Fleece Lined Jeans for winter dog walks

High-Quality Fleece Lined Jeans

LL Bean, True Shape Classic Fit Straight-Leg Fleece-Lined Jeans

These fleece lined jeans are considered a “classic fit” and that means they hit at the natural waist and have a straight leg. The length is good and they were fitted in the hips in a flattering way. I actually found them to be pretty attractive and felt comfortable wearing them to grab a coffee after our morning walk. I originally ordered my regular size 2, but they were a too small so I had to exchange for a size 4, which fits perfectly.

These aren’t as stylish as the Old Navy ones, but they’re super warm! I wore them to the park on a day that “felt like 12 degrees” and even with the wind my legs weren’t cold at all! These are now my go-to pants on very cold winter days.

Pros: These are super warm and also look good on. I think they’re my favorite pair for truly cold days. Also, I got free shipping.
Cons: They run small, so be mindful when ordering. Also, return shipping costs $6.95.
Price: $79.00

Eddie Bauer flannel lined jeans for winter dog walks

The Best Warm Jeans for Winter Dog Walks

The Warmest Flannel Lined Jeans

Eddie Bauer, Boyfriend Flannel-Lined Jeans

These flannel lined jeans are the pair I’ve had the longest, but they’re also the least stylish pair. So why have I worn them for so long? Well, they’re super warm! These are my go-to for bitter cold zero degree days. The roomy fit actually means I can wear a merino wool base layer underneath for extra warmth.

I’ve never worn these for anything other than hikes and walks with the dogs, they just don’t cut it in the style department. But sometimes warmth wins!

Pros: Very warm! These have been my go-to on zero degree days for a few years.
Cons: Hard to find small sizes. Also, these are the least stylish or flattering pair.
Price: Originally $90, but now on sale for $45

Madewell Thermolite warm jeans for winter dog walks

These Jeans are More Fashion than Warmth

Madewell, Curvy High-Rise Skinny Jeans THERMOLITE® Edition

These are the jeans that inspired this whole experiment! When I saw that there were fashion jeans with “built in warm” I wanted to try all the options I could find. What’s cool about these jeans is that they don’t have any fleece or flannel lining. Madewell somehow blended Thermolite fibers into the denim at the fabric mill! Isn’t that cool?

I was skeptical about how warm they would be since there isn’t an extra layer built in. They were the last pair I put on for these photos so I walked home from the park in them and they were surprisingly warm. However, they are so fashion forward that the waist is super high which doesn’t make them the most comfortable for a cozy dog walk. I did wear these out to meet some friends for dinner on a snowy night and I thought they were perfect for that.

Pros: Definitely the most “fashion” pair! They don’t have any extra bulk, so they’re also very flattering.
Cons: These don’t compare to the warmth of the lined jeans. They’re better suited for non-dog walking activities. THESE ARE CURRENTLY SOLD OUT
Price: Originally $135, but you should be able to get them on sale. I bought the “curvy fit” because they were less expensive than the regular fit.

Madewell warm jeans for winter

Ranking The Best Warm Jeans for Dog Moms

I put all of these pants through thorough testing in a variety of winter conditions – remember, I live in Pittsburgh so it gets cold and snowy! After wearing them all for a few weeks I definitely have a favorite.

  1. Old Navy – cozy, stylish and so affordable you can buy multiple pairs!
  2. LL Bean – high-quality warm jeans that you can rely on.
  3. Madewell – the most fashion-forward pair with a little extra warmth.
  4. Eddie Bauer – very warm, but not stylish enough to wear anywhere except the dog park!

Find Your Favorite Warm Dog Walking Jeans

Below you can shop all the styles that I tested for this post including all my other layers like base layers, thermal shirt, gloves, coat and waterproof boots. I also included a few other pairs of jeans that I didn’t try out in case you’d like even more options. Add these to your cart now and you’ll be having more winter fun with your dog later this week!

P.S. Are you wondering when it’s too cold to walk the dog? Check out this comprehensive blog post I wrote as your guide to walking your dog in the Winter!

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The Best Warm Jeans for Winter Dog WalksThe Best Warm Jeans for Winter Dog Walks

The Best Warm Jeans for Winter Dog Walks


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