As a stylish dog mom, I’m always thinking about practical yet fashionable outfits. I try to dress so that I can go on a walk with Lucy at a moment’s notice with maybe just a change of shoes. But, looking presentable while looking after your dog can be challenging! I’m heading to the BlogPaws Conference next week along with 500 other pet influencers and bloggers and quite a few people have asked me what I’m going to wear! I put together a few suggestions and tips on what to wear to a blogging conference that strikes a balance between comfortable and presentable.

What To Wear To A Blogging Conference

What to Wear to a Blogging Conference

Dress to Represent Your Brand

When I attend a conference I always try represent my blog and my brand by dressing the part. Some things I take into consideration are my brand colors and the vibe of my blog. That means I work in hot pink or mint green and look for playful shirts or accessories to wear.

At the Alt Summit conference I attended earlier this year I planned ahead of time to make it known that I am a dog mom blogger. That’s the job title I had printed on my business cards and I mentioned it whenever I spoke up to ask a question in a session. Word started to spread that I am a dog mom blogger, and when I wore this shirt that says “I’d Rather Be With My Dog” it helped people make the connection and realize who I am!

What to Wear to a Blogging Conference

What colors or elements can you work into your outfits that will help people recognize you from your blog? A lot of pet bloggers don’t feature themselves on their blogs or social media, so maybe you want to think about getting a shirt printed with your pet’s face on it, or making a pin with their name or your blog logo on it and rocking it on a jean jacket! Be creative and have fun with it!

Wear Comfortable Shoes

The Alt Summit conference was full of designers and fashion bloggers, so I stepped it up a little there and wore comfy low heels all day every day. But for BlogPaws I’m planning on wearing cool sneakers most of the time. Since I’m going to have Lucy with me the entire time I know that I need to be able to keep up with her. High heels don’t work out so well if she decides to make a sharp left! I have cute sneakers in my regular rotation, but I’d like to find a pair of pink ones to wear at the conference. Back to thinking about my brand colors!

Bring a Practical Tote or Backpack

At all the conferences I’ve attended I usually leave my room in the morning and don’t make it back until the end of the day. I need to be able to carry all my essentials with me all day long. Now that I’m going to have Lucy with me at BlogPaws, I also need to be able to carry around some stuff for her like a portable water bowl (just in case), some treats and poo bags. I’m planning on bringing a backpack with me to use each day. I plan on petting ALL the dogs at BlogPaws, so I want to be handsfree. Sometimes I find that tote bags slide around when you bend over (to pet a dog, for example), and I don’t want to deal with that hassle. Plus, my backpack zips up which should keep curious noses out of my bag!

What to Wear to a Blogging Conference

A few other things I always pack for blogging conferences are plenty of business cards, a notebook, various pens, washi tape to accent my notes, post it notes and binder clips to keep track of the business cards I collect and most importantly a phone charger!

I can’t wait to meet everyone at BlogPaws next week! I hope this post helps everyone figure out what to wear!

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What to Wear to a Blogging Conference