I am so excited to partner with an amazing website for pet parents to create a collection of DIY videos to help you and your dog stay stylish at home and out on the town. All five of our Wear Wag Repeat x PawCulture videos are now available! I love how this stylish DIY doggy collection turned out. I created five separate projects that you can craft a la carte or do them all to have a coordinated collection of pink, polka dot, ombre and glitter items for you and your dog.

Let me know which craft is your favorite! I’ll tell you that I loooooved how the ombre toy basket turned out (it was so incredibly easy to do). I also use the ombre leash all the time and get a million compliments on it. I’ve turned the glitter treat jar into a jar of awesome, which is basically a jar that I use to put hold little notes about awesome things that happen to me each day. Pink glitter is the perfect home for my awesome memories, many of which include Lucy!

Glitter Polka Dot Treat Jar

Not only are the polka dots on the jar cute, they’ll let you see if you’re running low on treats for your pet. See the video and full instructions on PawCulture.

Ombre Toy Basket

This toy basket is super easy to make (and can be done in any color), just make sure to start slow with your paint and work your way around the basket as you go to make sure the color is distributed evenly. See the video and full description on PawCulture.

Ombre Rope Dog Leash

This stylish, functional ombre rope leash can be made in any color of your choosing—just pick your favorite dye and get started. Watch the video for this craft on PawCulture.

Polka Dot Upcycled Dog Bandana

The best part about this simple DIY project? You’ll be able to make two bandanas with one T-shirt—perfect for sharing with a friend. See the video and full instructions on PawCulture.

Clip on Waste Bag Holder

For this project, look for “fat quarters” at the fabric store—these are scrap pieces of fabric, and make the perfect size for this inexpensive and easy waste bag holder. See how I make it on PawCulture.

Behind the Scenes Video

While Lucy and I were at the PawCulture headquarters I recorded a little behind the scenes footage. Check out all the naps, treats and ear scratches that went into these crafts!

*All photos provided by PawCulture. This post contains affiliate links.

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