I’ve come up with a new series for my blog called “Wear. Wag. Work!”. I originally created my blog to highlight my two loves: fashion and dogs. While working on it for the past year or two I’ve only mentioned my day job a few times, so for those of you who don’t know, I do social media marketing for local businesses and work for the Shadyside Chamber of Commerce. This makes me really passionate about small business and supporting my amazing neighbors and friends with their projects. A lot of these amazing people are also dog lovers… See where I’m headed with this?

This is my first post of the Wear. Wag. Work! series focusing on local stylish business owners and their dogs. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to make suggestions on who to cover next!


I’d like to introduce you to Helen Volkov Behn. We met in the Fall through a common friend and quickly arranged for a doggy play-date. Helen has 2 labs, one younger and one older, just like mine. While at the dog part we quickly got to talking about Helen’s business and the product she created to relieve lower back pain. She has been working on her company, Spand-Ice, for two years and when we met she was gearing up to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund an initial product run and get the word out there. The Kickstarter is now LIVE!


The timing was so coincidental because I injured my SI joint in the Fall and was having some on-and-off back pain from it. I also just think that this is such a great product for dog owners because we all know our doggies yank us down the sidewalk, or make us pick them up into the car, and not to mention carrying a 70 pound bag of food into the house… There are many opportunities to strain you back! But, with walks to take, work to do and kongs to stuff, who has time to lie around with an ice pack? Helen’s Revive Tank (the first product she’s launching through Spand-Ice) allows you to ice on the go. Just pop in the gel packs, strap in and zip up and you’re ready to do whatever you need to do!

Please check out the Kickstarter campaign, watch the awesome video to hear Helen talk about her passion project, and considered backing it. We all buy so many things to make our dogs more comfortable, so it’s probably about time you got something for yourself : )


These beautiful photos of Helen with Ziggy and Buddy are by another local dog loving business woman, my friend Jenny Karlsson! Buddy is the older black lab and Ziggy is the yellow lab. Helen takes Ziggy to volunteer at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, he’s a certified Therapy Dog! Helen has even been know to wear the Revive Tank and ice her back while on these volunteering!




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