Book Review: Who Rescued Who by Victoria Schade

As an avid reader and dog lover, I’m always looking for great books that feature inspiring dogs. For years I avoided dog books because I was afraid of the ending (I blame Marley & Me!). But recently I’ve discovered several great books with amazing dogs who live to see the last page, thank goodness!

Last year I got the chance to read a book written by dog trainer Victoria Schade. Victoria has written several dog training books, but Life on the Leash was her first novel. I absolutely loved it and felt like I was watching a Reese Witherspoon movie as I turned each page.

When Victoria offered me an advanced copy of her newest novel, Who Rescued Who, I was excited to dive in!

Victoria Schade Book Review

Review: Who Rescued Who by Victoria Schade

Victoria stuck with the romantic comedy style that she’s so good at, but took us out of the country this time around to follow Elizabeth Barnes from high-paced San Francisco to the idyllic English countryside.

For the first part of the book, Elizabeth doesn’t like dogs, she’s actually afraid of them. I have to admit, I was kinda wondering where Victoria was going with this! As a dedicated dog momager myself, I feel just a tiny bit attacked when someone says they don’t like dogs. But as I read on and followed Elizabeth’s journey and watched her learn to love the dogs around her I really bonded with the character. I felt like I was letting her in on this amazing secret that she didn’t know about. The love of dogs is a powerful thing!

Dog Mom Book Review

Fashionista Turned Dog Lover

This book just gets me! Little details like Elizabeth name dropping the clothing brands she wears or talking about a social media strategy made me feel like I was hanging out with a best friend. I could really relate to her abandoning the high heels and tight skirts in favor of cheap jeans from the supermarket. That might have hit a little close to home for me, as I sit writing this wearing head to toe Target while a closet full of designer clothes sits unworn in the next room.

And just to take it home… the book even includes a chocolate lab! Of course, that was a highlight for me. The fact that Victoria is a dog trainer means that she was able to write about labs, border collies, puppies and shelter pups in a way that was really specific to each dog. Her words gave me a perfect mental picture of how each dog was acting.

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Pre-Order Who Rescued Who

Who Rescued Who by Victoria Schade is scheduled to drop on March 24, 2020. Pre-order your copy on Amazon using the link below or go through a locally owned book shop (ideally one that lets you bring your dog inside!).

Who Rescued Who Book

Meet Victoria at a Dog Friendly Bookstore

Victoria will be doing a book tour at a few independent bookstores this Spring. Two of the stops are dog-friendly and I will be participating in the Pittsburgh area one!

March 28: Doylestown, PA @ Doylestown Bookshop (more details)
April 4: Pittsburgh, PA @ Riverstone Books in conversation with Tori Mistick (more details)
April 19: Philadelphia, PA @ Opportunity Barks (more details)

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Book Review Who Rescued Who

Who Rescued Who Dog Mom Book Review


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