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21 Adorable Chocolate Labrador Puppy Photos

21 Adorable Chocolate Labrador Puppy Photos

I have been sorting through so many photos on my computer lately and realized there is an untapped gold mine of adorable photos that I've never shared on my blog. I started this site when Lucy was about 1 year old, so all these puppy photos have never been published...

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Podcast Episode 1: Milla Chappell of Real Happy Dogs

Welcome to Wear Wag Repeat Podcast! I'm so excited to introduce this podcast to you. It's been such a joy to learn how to do something new and to get to know so many inspiring dog moms through these interviews. Season 1 will have 10 episodes, and I'm starting you out...

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What It Feels Like To Have An Award Winning Dog Blog

Over this blogging journey I have had the opportunity to do more things than I ever imagined. To name a few... I love creating videos with Lucy and hearing everyone's reaction to them. We've gone on many photowalks discovering cool places and even cooler people. And I...

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How I Hit 10,000 Instagram Followers

I'm very excited to announce that I hit a major milestone for my blog over the weekend! I hit 10,000 Instagram followers, a number I set my sights on a few months ago and have been working my butt off to reach! Lucy has also been working overtime, posing extra cute...

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The Best Apps for Dog Moms

If you're anything like me, the struggle is real when it comes to phone time vs. dog time. I'm doing everything I can to pull myself away from my phone and spend more quality time with Lucy, but there are some apps that actually enhance our time together! These are...

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How to Make a Concrete Dog Bowl Holder

Learn how to make Concrete Dog Bowl Holder with this simple DIY tutorial in my latest video. I wanted to make a raised dog feeder, but all the tutorials I found online involved wood, a power drill, jigsaw, and other tools. I wanted to make something that didn't...

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Flower Crown for Dogs

It's no surprise that I love a good flower crown for dogs or people. Although they are a little more bohemian than my go-to style, if you have spent enough time on Pinterest in the last year, you can't help but love them! When I saw that a local florist was hosting a...

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