On the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast we’re talking about dogs + business… in that order!

Do you dream of waking up each morning to spend the day with your dog? Through Wear Wag Repeat I’ve made that dream a reality! And there are tons of dog moms out there just like me – entrepreneurs who juggle games of fetch with business growth.

On this podcast, get to know women in the pet industry who are inspired by the joy, fun and pure love that dogs bring to their lives.

Podcast Episode 145: Listener Q&A and 2021 Petpreneur Plans

Podcast Episode 145: Listener Q&A and 2021 Petpreneur Plans

In this solo episode I'm answering a few listener questions and sharing some plans I have in store for petpreneurs like you with Wear Wag Repeat in 2021. This past year I learned a lot including how much you want to learn about growing your pet...

You Need Tori in Your Life

Tori has an amazing podcast about female entrepreneurs who work with pets. DREAM JOB! She’s also a fashionista, actress and fabulous dog mom. Her podcast is my favorite because she’s inspiring women to work with animals and helping pave the way with each interview she does. -Ramsey Timmons

Expertise on Fire!

Tori’s podcasts are truly insightful. She’s very generous in sharing her personal experiences and using examples based on what’s worked well (or not) for her. Tori offers tips and tricks I haven’t heard elswhere and as she becomes even more successful, she continues to braoden the topics she and her guests cover. -DogLikeMe

Great Listen & Learn

WWR is such a great listen. Tori has a way of interviewing folks that encourages their excitement to shine through. That excitement draws the listener in to learn about the interviewee and their amazing skills and ideas. And it’s all centered around one of my favorite topics, dogs! Thank you so much for creating this podcast and putting in all the work you do. – Brit


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I’m always looking for inspiring guests! Email me all about a woman in the pet industry you’d love to hear from (maybe it’s you!). Send your info to tori [at] wearwagrepeat [dot] com with “Another Dog Mom For Your Podcast” in the subject line.

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