The Wear Wag Repeat Story

Wear Wag Repeat is an award-winning multi-media brand dedicated to helping women live their best life with dogs – as pet parents and petpreneurs!

I started the blog in 2013 as a hobby to document my many passions. I blogged about fashion, recipes, home decor, DIYs, and of course, dogs! My dream of becoming a famous fashion blogger quickly pivoted into my reality as a dog blogger. The dog blogging community has always been so welcoming and supportive. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them!

As I worked on blog posts in the early days I had another business as a social media consultant for local businesses here in Pittsburgh. I was growing my clients’ social media accounts to 10,000 and 30,000 followers. That’s when I realized I needed to put that expertise to use growing my own social media following.

My success on Instagram lead me to opportunities to do paid influencer work for a variety of brands. Other dog lovers started to take notice and ask me how I grew my account and became a “pupfluencer”. I tapped into my knowledge from my Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communication and my Master’s Degree in Digital Media to put together online courses to help others in the pet industry grow their businesses online.

In 2018 I created my first online course called Instagram Strategy for the Pet Obsessed. Today, I offer courses on digital marketing for pet businesses in addition to my monthly membership that covers a different topic each month. If you’re working to make your dog dream a reality, I’d be honored to help you do that!

I’m also proud to provide a platform for women in the pet industry through the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast. It’s given me the opportunity to speak with hundreds of inspiring women and share their stories with you. My nationally-recognized podcast has over 155,000 downloads and over 270 episodes!

One of the best parts of this whole dog-obsessed dreamworld that I’ve created is knowing how many people I reach. Thanks to features in The Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, BuzzFeed, Good Housekeeping, The Pioneer Woman, AKC Family Dog Magazine and dozens of blogs and podcasts I’ve impacted the lives of millions of women and their dogs!

Thanks for being part of my pack!


About Tori

I’m Tori Mistick, professional dog mom and the founder of Wear Wag Repeat. I started this blog in 2013 as a creative outlet and slowly grew it into my full time career.  Before Wear Wag Repeat I was quite the fashionista! But these days I prefer hiking boots to high heels. You’ll usually find me traipsing around in the mud with my labradors. In 2022, I became certified in Pet First Aid and CPR. And in 2023, I became a certification Canine Enrichment Technician.  When I’m not blogging or working with the dogs, I enjoy fixing up my 110-year-old house, quilting and hitting the heavy bag in a boxing class. I’m also an adjunct professor of digital media at Point Park University.

Lucy of Wear Wag Repeat


Lucy is a 10 year old Chocolate Labrador. She loves working at Wear Wag Repeat because she gets to taste test everything I make. She gladly puts up with photoshoots because they always mean lots of treats and attention! Her favorite activity in the world is swimming. Lucy tries to get completely drenched at least once a day! We go stand up paddleboarding together all summer. Lucy’s favorite foods are bananas and yogurt, but really, she’s never met a food she didn’t like! In 2018, Lucy earned her Therapy Dogs International certification, AKC Trick Dog Novice in 2019 and AKC Trick Dog Intermediate in 2023. 

Burt of Wear Wag Repeat


Burt is the newest addition to our family! He’s a 10 year old Chocolate Labrador that we adopted from Action for Animals Humane Society in Latrobe, PA in September 2018. Burt has epilepsy takes medication twice a day to prevent seizures (he’s only had 2 since being adopted). Burt is very happy with his position at Wear Wag Repeat and quickly showed off his natural modeling skills. Burt has an amazing sense of smell and loves to scavenge in the woods. Tapping into his natural abilities, we earned his RATN title in Barn Hunt in 2022. Learn more about Burt’s love story and how he’s changed our lives.


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