Wear Wag Repeat is a multi-media brand created for stylish dog moms. If you count shopping, crafting and dogs as your 3 favorite things, then this is the site for you! In addition to fashion posts, dog toy, treat and food reviews and free DIY tutorials, I also host a podcast where I interview likeminded women in the pet industry. My guests inspire me and my listeners to go after their pet boss dreams. I was so inspired that I added the Wear Wag Repeat Shop in Summer 2018. Get to know me and my pups, Lucy and Burt, then give us a lick (or like!) on social media! Keep scrolling on this page for information about partnering with us.

About Tori

I’m Tori Mistick, a fashion obsessed dog mom living in Pittsburgh, PA. I started this blog in 2013 as a place to share my personal style, great photos of my dogs and lifestyle tips. I try to have as much fun as I can every day and enjoy life as much as my dog does! My work in social media, event planning, modeling, acting and community organizing all culminates with this blog. I think my diverse work experience in all those areas allows me to make Wear Wag Repeat the best destination for stylish dog moms!

About Lucy

Lucy is a 6 year old Chocolate Labrador. She loves working at Wear Wag Repeat because it means she gets to spend a lot of time with me and test everything I make! She’ll put up with doing photoshoots because they usually mean lots of treats and attention, but her favorite activity in the world is swimming! Lucy tries to get completely drenched at least once a day. Her favorite foods are bananas and yogurt, but really, she’s never met a food she didn’t like!

About Burt

Burt is the newest addition to our family! He’s a 6 year old Chocolate Labrador that we adopted from Action for Animals Humane Society in Latrobe, PA in September 2018. Burt has epilepsy but has been seizure free since coming home with us. He’s very happy with his new position at Wear Wag Repeat and quickly showed off his natural modeling skills. Burt brings new meaning to the term “Lab Tested” and enjoys pushing the limits of every new product I bring home. Unlike Lucy, he doesn’t really like to get wet and dirty (yet!). His favorite foods are literally anything!

Where Else Do I Work?

Wondering what else I do besides blogging? I’m an Instagram coach for creative small businesses. Find out more about my signature course InstaMistick at ToriMistick.com. I’ve been lucky to work with several clients in the pet industry, but I always try to find a way for my non-pet clients to do a pet-related campaign or promotion. They really help you engage with your audience!


Wear Wag Repeat started in 2013 and has since grown a steady following that shares my passion for great dogs and great style. I regularly showcase style and DIY projects related to home decor, fashion and dog friendly recipes. Lucy loves to get involved with product and treat reviews! Lucy and I both love being on video and have partnered with several brands for memorable video content. Let’s team up for a blog post, video or Instagram campaign and introduce your brand to stylish dog moms around the country. Click the button at the bottom of this page to contact me.

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  • 82% Women
  • 25-45 years of age
  • North America heavily focused on the East Coast (Pittsburgh, New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C.).
  • My top traffic referrer is Pinterest where I have on average 169,000 viewers per month


Primarily women

25-45 years of age

North America heavily focused on the East Coast (Pittsburgh, New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C.).

My top traffic referrer is Pinterest

My readers love style, DIY and their dogs!

Their favorite places to shop are local boutiques, TJ Maxx, Target and pet supply stores

Current Stats

Page Views

6,500+ per month


200K monthly viewers



Let’s Work Together!

If you’d like to get in touch with me about a partnership, sponsorship, or to send me adorable photos of your dog, just hit the button below. Let’s create some great content together!

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