What is Wear Wag Repeat

Pet parents love my blog posts about dog lifestyle tips, toy & food reviews, plus DIY tutorials and dog-friendly travel guides. Merch in the Wear Wag Repeat Shop is also a favorite for dog mom gifts!

Pet lovers who dream of working alongside dogs or already have their own pet industry business can tune into the Wear Wag Repeat podcast. Each Wednesday I release a new interview with a talented woman in the pet industry.


I love to inspire my podcast listeners to go after their pet boss dreams! Even if those dreams include making your dog an Instagram influencer… I have online courses to help you reach those dreams!

Wear Wag Repeat, Tori, Lucy and Burt have been featured on Good Morning America, BuzzFeed, Good Housekeeping, The Pioneer Woman, AKC Family Dog Magazine and more.

About Tori

I’m Tori, single dog mom and the creator of Wear Wag Repeat. I started this blog in 2013 as a creative outlet for my love of fashion and dogs. The online dog community has been so supportive and welcoming and I’ve never looked back! It’s my mission to embrace dog joy each day! My dogs inspire me to tackle every task with enthusiasm and curiosity. I channel their excitement when we’re walking around the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh or taking a road trip to the beach! When I’m not working on Wear Wag Repeat, I enjoy fixing up my 110-year-old house, reading thrillers or sweating in a spin class.

Lucy of Wear Wag Repeat


Lucy is a 10 year old Chocolate Labrador. She loves working at Wear Wag Repeat because it means she can test everything I make. She’ll put up with doing photoshoots because they mean lots of treats and attention, but her favorite activity in the world is swimming. Lucy tries to get completely drenched at least once a day. Her favorite foods are bananas and yogurt, but really, she’s never met a food she didn’t like! In 2018, Lucy earned her Therapy Dogs International certification and in 2019 she earned an AKC Trick Dog Novice title. 

Burt of Wear Wag Repeat


Burt is the newest addition to our family! He’s a 10 year old Chocolate Labrador that we adopted from Action for Animals Humane Society in Latrobe, PA in September 2018. Burt has epilepsy but has been seizure free since coming home with us. He’s very happy with his new position at Wear Wag Repeat and quickly showed off his natural modeling skills. Burt brings new meaning to the term “Lab Tested” and enjoys pushing the limits of every new product I bring home. Learn more about Burt’s love story and how he’s changed our lives.


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