Create Your First Pet Industry Online Course

…and launch it to my 40,000+ pet-loving followers!

This close-knit course creator mastermind program for pet pros will guide you through every step of the online course creation process.

We start March 25, 2024!

You have special knowledge and expertise that needs to be shared with pet lovers!

Have you considered creating an online course but feel overwhelmed by the process?

Do you get caught up in day-to-day tasks and can’t find the time to focus on creating a course? Even though you know it’s a great idea.

Are you worried that your course won’t be a success because you’re not sure how to market it?


In this exclusive mastermind program, I will guide you through every step of the course creation process including launching your course.

At the end of the program, you’ll have a completed online course that I’ll share with the Wear Wag Repeat audience of 40,000+ pet lovers! 🤩

The support you need to create and promote your first online course!

Step-by-Step Framework

I share my proven step-by-step framework to help you identify your course topic, produce the materials, successfully launch and ensure that you have happy students!

Technical Guidance

I’ll walk you through how to set up your course with easy to use software. We’ll cover how to utilize course materials such as video, slideshows, audio recordings, PDFs and more.

Marketing Boost

We’ll work together to craft a marketing strategy for long term success of your course. Plus, I share your course with the entire Wear Wag Repeat audience right out of the gate!

How’s this gonna work? 🤔

Here’s the plan!

Starting the week of March 25th, we meet virtually for 12 weeks to work through my proven course creation framework.

  • Stage 1: Identify your profitable course topic
  • Stage 2: Create and refine your content
  • Stage 3: Develop a launch plan
  • Stage 4: Publish your course!

During every step of the process you’ll get accountability, creative direction, focus, and lots of personal attention to turn your course dream into a reality.

I’m confidant that your course will be amazing because I will be working very closely with this tight-knit group through every step.

By mid-June you’ll be ready to welcome your first paying students!

Then I get to share your course with my pet-obsessed fans!

Yes, that’s right! At the end of the program, I’ll share your brand-new course with the Wear Wag Repeat audience through social media, email, my blog and podcast.

Your course will reach 40,000+ pet lovers!

My 2023 Course Creators Knocked It Out of the Dog Park!

I signed up for this Mastermind because I needed the accountability and confidence boost to bring my idea to life. Because we are all pet people, it was a great way to validate ideas and get feedback from people who get itI really loved our weekly calls. It made it feel like I was part of a team with other pet pros. None of us had identical topics which made it really fun to promote and encourage each other. 

Sherrie Rohde

Host of Therapy Dog Talk, Created: Life Skills for Therapy Dog Teams

I had been wanting to create a course for years but needed Tori’s help to get me through the learning curves! I loved the weekly meetings. Tori was able to give us great and honest feedback week by week, and we were all able to keep each other accountable and help each other as we went along. Thanks to this mastermind program, I launched my first online course! This program paid for itself in my first launch.

Doug Keeling

Bad to the Bone Pet Care, Created: The Pawsitive Hiring Course

This mastermind was such a great experience. I really like how Tori broke down the process of making a course and we knew exactly what to focus on each week! I felt really supported by everyone in the group, which was much needed because launching and creating a course can be an overwhelming process. I’ll for sure be taking everything I learned into the future resources I create – thanks to Tori!

Tiffany Chen

Pawsistant, Created: Social Videos Unleashed

Meet your pack leader!

Hi, I’m Tori Mistick, the creator of the award-winning dog mom brand Wear Wag Repeat. I have over 15 years of experience in digital marketing. After growing my Instagram account to over 42,000 followers, working on over $100,000 worth of brand sponsorships, and being featured on GMA, BuzzFeed, AKC Family Dog Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal, I wanted to find a way to offer something special to my followers. Something that fosters community over competition and provides educational resources just for petpreneurs.

That’s why I host this mastermind program. 

I love helping pet business owners make a positive impact on the lives of pets and their people. I want your business to grow, and I don’t want you keep putting off exciting projects (like online courses!).

I can show you the way, so let’s get started!

Only 6 Seats Available for Our Spring 2024 Cohort!

An Online Course Takes Your Pet Business to the Next Level!

Reach a Global Audience

Make a bigger impact by sharing your expertise and knowledge with pet owners or other pet professionals around the world!

Be The Go-To Expert

Your course positions you as a leader and the go-to expert for your pet industry niche. This could lead to exciting new opportunities!

New Revenue Stream

This new stream of income can free up time and resources for you to focus on other important areas of your business… or take time off!

This program is designed to
pay for itself!

Your investment in this group coaching program can return to you in your first launch! 

We’ll dedicate 2 sessions to pricing your course – one early on and another closer to your launch date. I’ll help you figure out a pricing structure that works for you and potential students so you can earn back your investment in your first launch!

More than half of the course creators I’ve worked with who launched a course on schedule made their money back within 3 months.

You can do that, too!

Even if you have a small audience right now, your pawesome new course will be shared with my blog, podcast, email and social following! Plus, in this program I’ll teach you how to keep attracting new students through blog posts, cross-promotion and podcast guesting. 

One-Time Payment

Secure your spot in this exclusive mastermind. There’s only 6 spots available! Get ready to launch your course to my 40,000+ pet-loving fans and make an impact while growing a new reveneur stream for your business.


Payment Plan

Start building your course today and welcome your first paying students by summer, while enjoying the convenience of a payment plan that splits this exclusive program into 3 manageable payments.

3 Payments of $570

Only 6 Spots Available for Our Spring 2024 Cohort!

What’s Included In The Mastermind?

This close-knit mastermind program will help you launch a successful online course for pet lovers before Summer!

Yes, it’s really pawssible! 🐾

I provide all the support, guidance and promotion you need to make your course a reality.

Group Coaching Calls

11 Group Coaching Calls

Every week we meet to go over your course creation progress, celebrate your wins and brainstorm as a group of pet professionals. *In the 12 week program, there’s 1 week off to record your lesson videos.

$1,969 value

Online Course Framework

My Course Framework

Just like an agility course, there’s a map you can follow for success. I share my proven framework so you’re not starting from scratch. This includes pre-promotion, building the course, selling it, and follow through.

$599 value


Ongoing Slack Support

Ongoing Slack Support

Have a question between calls or want to share something helpful with the group? Our dedicated Slack channel is the place to chat. Not on Slack? It’s easy to use and I’ll help you get set up.

$399 value


Plus, I Will Promote Your Course!

I will share your new online course with my entire audience! I treat this hand-picked group of pet pros like any big-name brand sponsor that I work with.

Your business and brand new course will be promoted through:

  • 1 blog post on
  • 1 podcast episode highlighting this Spring 2024 cohort courses
  • Individually posts on my social media accounts @tmistick and @wearwagrepeat
  • Plus, I will email my list of 5,000+ pet lovers about your courses!


Who is this for?

This program is perfect for pet industry pros who are ready to create an online course now. You might be a dog trainer, pet sitter, groomer, artist or maker who wants to help pet parents. Or maybe you’re a petpreneur who wants to teach other business owners how to do what you do. If you’re ready to put in the work, now is the perfect time to go through this program with us!


When will the calls for this occur?We will meet over zoom once a week from the week of March 27, 2023 to the week of May 15, 2023. I’ll work with the group to settle on a day and time each week that works for as many participants as possible.

If I can’t make a call, will it be recorded? Yes! Every call will be recorded and added to the online portal for this Mastermind group. You’ll also have lifetime access to those calls if you want to re-watch them at any time.

What is the time commitment required to participate in this 8-week program? We will meet for 60 minutes per week on Zoom. Those calls will be designed to focus on the big questions you have about your course. The work your put into creating the course will happen outside of our calls. We will also have a Slack channel set up for the group for smaller day to day questions and encouragement. How much time dedicate to the Slack channel is up to you.

How many people will be in this mastermind group? I like small groups where everyone can get to know each other and you get plenty of support. To facilitate that, the program will be limited to a max of 6 participants for this round.

What course platform will you be teaching us how to use? I use Teachable so that’s what I’m most well-versed in and will be able to demonstrate. But you don’t HAVE to use that for your course. If you want to use Thrive Cart Learn+ or Kajabi, you can do that, too. I just won’t be able to help with tech support as much.

Does this program include 1-on-1 coaching with Tori? While this program doesn’t include 1-on-1 sessions, each call will allow for plenty of time for everyone to get the help they need. Not only will you get advice based on my experience creating and taking many successful online courses, but you’ll also get feedback from the group.

What is the investment required to join this program, and what payment options are available? This program is a $1,400 investment when you pay in full. I also set up a payment plan option to make it more affordable. The payment plan is 3 payments of $475.

What if I don’t like it and want a refund? Due to the personalized nature of this program, refunds are not available. If you’re having trouble creating your course, please let me know so I can help you succeed.

Can I really create a course in 8 weeks? Yes, you can! I often see people creating courses that are too complicated. That makes it harder for you to create and also frustrating for your students to work through. In this mastermind, I will help you settle on a specific course topic that you can create in 8 weeks and that will leave your students feeling accomplished and happy!

When will you be sharing our courses with the Wear Wag Repeat Audience? My plan is to share your ready-to-enroll courses with my audience starting on Thursday, June 1, 2023. It’s up to you if you want this to be for a waitlist, beta-testers or regular student enrollments.