Expand Your Pet Business with Digital Products: 12 Ideas for Pet Pros

Are you a petpreneur looking for new ways to expand your business? If you’re only helping your pet-obsessed customers with services and physical products, you could be missing out! The world has gone digital, and pet pros have a big opportunity to help pet lovers virtually.

Digital downloads can be a great way to provide extra value to your customers and increase your revenue. Whether you’re a dog trainer, pet photographer, pet sitter, or pet product maker, there are plenty of digital products you can create to share your expertise and provide added value to your customers. These digital products don’t have to be complicated to create, it’s all about the information and expertise that you can share.

In this post, I’m sharing some of the creative ways to use digital products for pet businesses, with examples to help you get started. I even give pricing examples so you can get an idea of how much money you could make with your first digital download.

digital products for pet your pet business

Digital Download Product Examples For Dog Trainers

It’s a no-brainer for people working in the dog training niche to create digital products. Out of all the professional trainers I’ve talked to on my podcast, many of them share how effective virtual dog training is. Here are some ideas for downloadable products that you could create to help your clients after their training session is over.

  1. A guide to basic obedience training – $29 This guide could cover everything from teaching basic cues like sit and stay to intermediate tricks like roll over and shake. The guide could include step-by-step instructions and photos to make it easy for pet owners to follow along and train their dogs at home. This would be a great thing to sell to pet parents who are curious to get to know you but don’t want to invest in a full program yet.
  2. A collection of training videos – $49 This digital download could be a series of instructional videos that cover various training topics. For example, one video could cover leash training, while another could cover crate training. Pet owners could watch the videos at their own pace and use the techniques you demonstrate to train their dogs at home.
  3. A personalized training plan – $99 This digital download could be a customized training plan that is tailored to a pet owner’s specific needs and goals. As a dog trainer, you could provide an initial consultation or questionnaire to gather information about the dog and training goals, then create a personalized plan that includes step-by-step instructions. This could be a higher-priced item that provides more personalized service to pet parents.

In case you’re curious, the tool I use to create all of my digital products is Teachable. It’s a platform that helps you create the sales page, get sign ups, process payments and deliver your digital products to people who sign up. They make it really easy! It’s free to get started and when you’re ready to level up, the plans are very affordable.

You can check out my courses page to see how I use Teachable.

digital products for pet businesses

Digital Product Ideas for Pet Photographers

As a pet photographer, you’re probably putting most of your effort into booking sessions. But what if there was an easier way to make extra income… and it didn’t even require you to leave the house! I really love these three digital product ideas and would love to see you create one, or all three of them!

  1. A guide to pet photography for dog momagers – $39 This digital download could be a comprehensive guide to pet photography, covering everything from camera settings and lighting to composition and posing. The guide could include tips and tricks to help dog moms take better photos of their pups with a focus on how to create professional images for dog influencer campaigns. Once you have this guide, you could create another version geared towards new puppy parents with tips on capturing great photos of the first year of their dog’s life.
  2. A collection of pet stock photos – $99 This digital download could be a collection of high-quality, professional pet stock photos that pet owners and businesses could use for their own marketing materials. The collection could include photos of different types of pets, breeds, and settings, and could be a great resource for those looking for pet-related images for their own projects.
  3. A pet photography editing course – $149 This digital download could be a mini-course that teaches pet photographers how to edit their photos using popular photo editing software like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. The course could cover basic editing techniques like color correction and exposure adjustment, as well as more advanced techniques like retouching and removing leashes. This could be a higher-priced item that provides a more advanced skill set to pet photographers looking to take their work to the next level.

digital products for pet photographers

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Digital Download Products

Taking care of other people’s pets is a hard job! What if there was a way to supplement your income with digital products that pet parents, or even other pet care professionals, could buy directly from you? Check out these ideas!

  1. A guide to dog walking etiquette and safety – $19 This digital download could be a guide that covers dog walking etiquette and safety tips. It could include advice on how to handle different situations that may arise on a dog walk, such as encountering other dogs or pedestrians, and tips on how to keep both the dog and the walker safe. You might want to include a video bonus or a list of recommended products.
  2. A pet-sitting checklist – $29 This digital download could be a printable checklist that pet owners can use to prepare for their pet’s stay with a pet sitter. The checklist could include items such as the pet’s feeding schedule, medication instructions, and emergency contact information. It could also include space for the pet owner to write down any special requests or notes for the pet sitter. Personally, I would include a section to list where cleaning supplies are located and any special instructions for cleaning up pet messes.
  3. A pet first aid course – $199 This digital download could be a comprehensive course that teaches pet owners and pet sitters how to handle pet first aid situations. It could cover everything from basic wound care and CPR to more advanced techniques for treating common pet injuries and illnesses. This could be a higher-priced item that provides valuable skills and knowledge to pet sitters and pet owners who want to be prepared for any emergency.

Please note, for the pet first aid course you would want to be certified before teaching something like that. The certification process ensures that you have the most accurate knowledge and skills to teach others how to perform first aid on their pets.

Additionally, being certified adds credibility to your course… and your whole business! There are a few organizations that offer certification in pet first aid, such as PetTech and the American Red Cross. If you’re interested in teaching a pet first aid course, I would recommend looking into these organizations and their certification programs to ensure that you have the appropriate qualifications. I took the PetTech course and was so impressed by how much I learned, even after 20 years as a dog mom, I learned valuable information!

digital download products for pet business

Digital Download Ideas For Product-Based Pet Businesses

Most ideas for digital downloads for pet businesses are geared towards service-based businesses like those I listed above. But I don’t want to leave out the pet product makers and business owners! There are plenty of digital download ideas for you!

  1. A pet-friendly holiday decorating guide – $19 This digital download could be a guide that provides tips and ideas for decorating your home for the holidays in a pet-friendly way. It could include ideas for pet-safe decorations, tips for keeping your pet safe around holiday decorations, and suggestions for how to incorporate your pet into your holiday decorating like with dog bone-shaped Christmas stockings. A non-holiday version of this could be a home decorating guide that includes pet-safe plants and brands that make fur-proof furniture (if that exists!).
  2. A pet product marketing guide – $49 If you’ve had a lot of success marketing your products in a specific way, why not share that advice with others? This digital download could be a guide that includes advice on how to write effective product descriptions, how to optimize your website for search engines, or how to use social media to promote your products. This guide could be a valuable resource for pet product makers and shop owners who are looking to increase their online sales. Monetize your own expertise here!
  3. A local pet coupon book – $39 Do you have a local pet product business? This digital download could be a coupon book that provides discounts and special offers from local pet-related businesses, such as groomers, trainers, and pet stores. It could include a mix of printable coupons and discount codes that can be redeemed online. This could be a great way for pet-related businesses in your area to cross-promote each other and provide added value to their customers.

digital products for local pet businesses

Get Started with Digital Products for Your Pet Business

As a petpreneur, creating digital products is a great way to expand your business’s reach and provide added value to your customers. Whether you’re creating a guide to safe dog walking, a collection of stock photos, or a personalized training plan, there are plenty of digital products for pet businesses you can create to share your expertise!

Not only do these product ideas provide a ton of value to your customers, but they also build your reputation as an expert in your field. So don’t be afraid to get creative and start creating digital products today!

Ready to get started? I use Teachable to create all of my digital products including courses, my membership, strategy sessions, and downloadable workshops. I’ve been using it for years and love how easily I can create a new digital product. Click here to learn more about making a digital download with Teachable.

If you need extra support and want to tap into my experience, I offer 1-on-1 strategy sessions to help you grow your pet business online!

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