What’s a West Paw Toppl and How Do You Use It?

If you’re familiar with the Kong, then you know how much dogs love to eat tasty treats out of a rubbery enrichment toy. There are a lot of stuffable dog toys available beyond the Kong! You can use these to mix up your enrichment routine with your dog or keep them busy indoors when you can’t fit in a long walk.

The West Paw Toppl is a stuffable dog toy with a wide opening that’s perfect for filling with your dog’s food, treats and natural chews. The durable zogoflex rubber can be frozen to make the treat-stuffed toy last longer or be more challenging for your dog. 

I’m excited to share more about this great treat toy and some of the fun ways you can use it. I’ll show you how to use it as a slow feeder puzzle and bully stick holder! Since the opening is so wide, the Toppl is a great toy for dogs who are new to interactive toys. The wide opening makes it easier to get to the rewards inside!

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Dog Toy Toppl Recipes

How To Use the West Paw Toppl

Like many dog toys, the toppl comes in a large and small size. This makes it great for small and large dogs. But what sets the Toppl apart from a lot of those toys is that the small and the large fit together to make a puzzle!

The small Toppl pops right inside of the opening of the large Toppl! When you do this you can use it as a treat dispensing puzzle and fill it with loose kibble or other creative fillings. When you fill it with loose kibble, the pieces will fall out of the front holes as your dog rolls it around. This is a great way to use the Toppl as a slow feeder. Read more about feeding meals in the Toppl below!

West Paw lists the Toppl as being study enough for medium chewers. Toppls are not specifically a chew toys, there are better toys for that! Instead, use I recommend you use the Toppl as an interactive way to treat and feed your pup while they exercise their minds.

>> Currently, the toppl is available in small, large and extra large! Get the best selection when you shop right on the West Paw website. You might even be able to grab a limited edition color like candy cane or ruby! Granny Smith (green), aqua blue and tangerine are always available. You can also order through Amazon and Chewy.

Use Toppl to feed dogs dinner

Toppl puzzle large small

As I was brainstorming for this blog post, I realized you can even use the two Toppls together as a bully stick holder! Insert the bully stick in one of the holes first, then fit the other toy on top. For this one, push the two Toppls together as snug as you can.

This method can help your dog hold the bully stick and encourages them to take their time chewing on it. Even then, you should keep an eye on your dog so they don’t choke on the little leftover piece.

use toppl as a bully stick holder

Toppl is Perfect for Beyond the Dog Bowl Feeding

Have you ever heard of feeding “beyond the bowl”? I like to use this phrase to describe feeding your dog their meals outside of a traditional bowl. You might use a DIY Busy Box, a Snuffle Mat or scatter kibble in the grass for a good sniff session!

Studies show that dogs get a great sense of satisfaction by working for their food. In fact, several studies show that dogs prefer to work for their food instead of eating out of a bowl. It’s rewarding for them!

What's a West Paw Toppl and How Do You Use It



Frozen Toppl Dog Toy

That means you can use a West Paw Toppl to give your dog a rewarding and enriching meal! Just add your dog’s dry or wet food to the toy and feed like that. Or, you can add some liquid and freeze the dinner stuffed toy to make it last longer. You might need to use the large sizes or multiple toys to fit all of your dog’s food depending on the portion they eat.

>> Check out this post with Healthy Kong Stuffing recipes and adapt those ingredients to your Toppl!

As you’re thinking of creative ways to feed your dog, keep in mind that it should be challenging but not impossible! Start easy and work your way up. 

The Best Way to Stuff a Toppl Treat

If you already have a Toppl and you’ve been filling it with treats and food for your dog, you might have run into issues with the giant hole in the front! It’s hard to fill the Toppl with liquid and freeze it without most of your stuffing dripping out of that hole.

I figured out a solution! I pre-freeze the Toppls (and Kongs, too!) with coconut oil and some added fruits, veggies or treats blocking the hole. A couple of hours later when that plug is frozen, I add in the rest of the filling for my toppl treat!

stuff Toppl with coconut oil and freeze

West Paw Toppl Stuffing

I love using coconut oil for this hack because the coconut oil will melt very quickly, unclogging the hole to make it easier and safer for your dog to play with this toy.

Another, even easier way to block the hole on the zogoflex toppl so you can freeze is to use Press’n’Seal cling wrap! It holds up really well and it’s the best solution when you need to freeze a toppl in 1 step.

With all the holes blocked there is a slight risk of creating a painful vacuum inside the toy and your dog’s tongue getting stuck! Yes, that’s really possible! So that’s why I use quick melting coconut oil, just to be safe!

Check out this fun video I created that shows a bunch of colorful ways to stuff the hole in your West Paw Toppl!

Dog Mom Review for West Paw Toppl Dog Toy

With all the different ways to use the West Paw Toppl – from freezing to puzzles and even a bully stick holder – I love making it a part of my regular routine with my dogs. Plus, the two sizes (and now 3 as of Fall 2022) make it so versatile! Shop and order directly from West Paw where you can find the large size, small size and brand new extra large.

As an informed dog mom consumer, I always make sure that the toys I buy are non-toxic and from companies who care about pets. I love that the Toppl is made with zero-waste and recyclable Zogoflex material in Bozeman, Montana. West Paw even has a toy recycling program!

This is a company I feel confident supporting and a puzzle toy that my dogs love playing with!

How to Use Toppl Dog Toy

Want to find more awesome toys? Check out West Paw’s other interactive toy like Qwizl, Tux or Rumbl. They’re all made with the same Zogoflex material and are stuffable!

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You can also find West Paw toys in thousands of locally-owned pet supplies stores!

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How to use the west Paw Toppl


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