In this video tutorial I’m showing you how to make DIY Dog Mom Message Bracelets! These are a fun and colorful way to wear your love for your dog on your sleeve. Since I made these I’ve been wearing them all summer. It’s such a fun, colorful and playful addition to every outfit. Plus, they’re great conversation starters. A woman recently saw my “Dog Mom AF” bracelet, but I guess she only read the “Mom” part so she asked if I have kids. The look on her face was priceless when I corrected her and said I’m a dog mom!

DIY Dog Mom Message Bracelet


What creative messages can you come up with? In addition to “Dog Mom AF” I also crafted up “Crazy Dog Lady”, “Wag More” and “Love Has Paws.” Comment on this post with your creative sayings so I can add to my collection!



The supplies for this craft can be found at any craft store or delivered right to your door from Amazon. I put together a shopping list for you to make it even easier!

DIY Dog Mom Message Bracelet



Photos and video footage by Goss Boss.

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