Podcast Episode 15: Hannah Zulueta of Maggie Loves Orbit

Welcome to Wear Wag Repeat Podcast Episode 15: Hannah Zulueta of Maggie Loves Orbit is sharing tips on growing your Instagram account. I’m talking to this marketing expert and Boston Terrier mom about how connecting online can grow your influence and your business. But there’s nothing like IRL friends, especially when it comes to your dogs! So, listen for her advice on starting a pack walk group in your city.

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Hannah Zulueta’s first career was in travel sales and marketing. After investing 20 years in the business and becoming VP of Sales & Marketing for a boutique resort group – she realized her career in travel took her away from her loves: Her home with her dogs and San Diego. She decided to take the leap of faith to start her own social media consultancy so that she could work out of her home and live a life that included her dogs. Two years later she’s happy to share that she made the right decision. The best part has been all the new connections she made through the Instagram community.

Podcast Episode 15: Hannah Zulueta of Maggie Loves Orbit

Tori: How did you decide to focus on Social Media Marketing in your consultancy?

Hannah: A couple years ago when I was working from home I would spend my break time playing with Maggie, taking photos and posting them on Instagram. As that account grew I analyzed what was happening with a business mind. I realized what’s great about Instagram, instead of Twitter or Facebook, is that it’s a kind place and very community-centric. Working for myself, these were my friends online and they really kept me company during the workday! Even when I wasn’t on Instagram, I used an Instagram scheduler so that I would still be active on the social platform and I saw my following grow. As that account continued to grow I decided to focus on that and thought I could do it for other businesses, too.

Tori: Tell us about having your dogs model for PetCo. What was the photo shoot like?

Hannah: First, we had the model call at their studio. We got the callback for the 2nd round where we showed up at a fruit stand and I found out I’d be a part of it! When we got there they had all these different collars and leashes for the girls, which was super fun. The world of dog fashion is still very new to me, so that was fun! They also dressed me in an outfit to go with the shoot. The PetCo team was fabulous, everyone there had a dog and was so friendly. I felt really comfortable during the whole thing. All in all, they took about 500 photos! The packaging with our photo is now in 1,400+ stores!

Tori: What’s one of your favorite things about social media right now?

Hannah: Video is really important right now. I think you really get to know someone when you see them on video. When you see them face to face you think, “I could be her friend!”. So I do a lot of video on Stories and a lot of stories content in general. I read somewhere that in your feed people get to know you, and on stories they learn to love you. It’s more unpolished and real, it’s where you’ll connect with your tribe. With stories you can really make those 1 on 1 connections.

Podcast Episode 15: Hannah Zulueta of Maggie Loves Orbit


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