Podcast Episode 223: Why Human-Grade Food for Dogs Matters with Jessica Bevilacqua of Dog Standards

On this episode I’m talking to Jessica Bevilacqua about fresh food for dogs. She founded her company Dog Standards with a mission to raise the standard of the food we give our dogs. But she doesn’t want you to think of her fresh human grade food as spoiling your pup. Health is not a luxury, it’s a canine right.

It took about 8 months of research and development to launch Dog Standards in January of this year. In that time, Jessica said she got so much help and support from everyone she worked with. People really wanted to see her succeed. Since launching, she’s also able to use feedback from her customers to come up with fresh ideas for new products. Did you know that Kangaroo is the hot new protein source for dog food? Apparently it is!

This is a great episode to share with your pet parent friends. Just tell them their dogs wants them to listen!

Making Human-Grade Food Accessible to Dog Parents

Jessica Bevilacqua is the Founder of Dog Standards, where she creates fresh human-grade food for dogs. She’s on a mission to make dogs healthier and happier, by providing a convenient way to feed fresh. As a first time dog mom, Jessica went to her local pet store and picked up a bag of veterinarian-recommended premium kibble, thinking she was giving her new puppy the best possible diet.

But when her dog Boston experienced health problems, then got prescribed medication after medication with no improvement, she decided to investigate what her pup was really eating. As a health nut herself, she knew that food is medicine and that Boston’s diet was a good place to start to heal him.

Today, Jessica is raising awareness about the benefits of fresh human-grade food for dogs while providing a convenient feeding solution for dog parents. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her dog Boston.


  • What Jessica wishes parents knew about dog food
  • Changes to expect when you switch your dog’s meals to Dog Standard
  • What the process for creating Dog Standards was like
  • The benefits of “direct-to-consumer”
  • What Jessica wish she knew sooner



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