Podcast Episode 253: Normalizing Mental Health for Pet Parents: Dog Mom Mentality

If you started off the new year super pumped and then got a little overwhelmed by the goals you set for yourself and your pet business, today’s episode comes at the perfect time. I’m talking with Karoline Edmonds of Dog Mom Mentality. I love how Karoline normalizes talking about mental health for pet parents.

In this conversation, we talk a lot about Karoline’s new journal to help you tap into your own emotions around life with your dog. We also discuss some of the nuts and bolts of creating a journal like this and some other products that Karoline sells online.

On her own podcast, Dog Mom Mentality, Karoline always shares her “Happy’s and Crappy’s” of the week. I thought that before I hit play on the interview, I’d kick off this episode with my own “Happy’s and Crappy’s”.. My happy this week is my new foster dog Chloe. She is a Black Mouth Cur Shepherd Mix from rural Mississippi. She’ll be available for adoption from Animal LIfeline Pittsburgh.

On the other hand, my crappy this week is how many friends have had to say goodbye to their dogs lately. Several of my dogstagram and dog blogging friends have watched their dogs cross the rainbow bridge or they know it’s coming soon. I’ve cried over a lot of them because I know the pain their humans are going through.

I feel so grateful and lucky to have a worldwide community of people that I know so well and care about so much… all because we like to talk about our dogs on the internet! If I”m not already following you, please slide into my DMs on Instagram @wearwagrepeat and make sure you’re following me on TikTok @wearwagrepeatpodcast. I’d love to get to know each other better!

After listening to this interiew, go check out Karoline’s dog mom mental health journal and use code WWR10 to get a discount.

Empowering Dog Mom to Talk About Mental Health

Karoline Edmonds is the creator of the Dog Mom Mentality brand: a community of dog owners, a podcast, merch line, and a journal all designed to support and empower dog owners through their own mental health and training journeys. It all started in 2020 with an Australian Shepherd mix named Layla who became Karoline’s invitation to healing.

When her husband brought home Layla, Karoline’s anxiety was immensely triggered by Layla’s reactivity and behavioral issues. She quickly took to the internet to share the lessons that came from training her dog – from setting boundaries, to sharpening her communication skills, to building up her self-confidence.

Today, Karoline’s platform focuses on motivating and empowering other dog owners to build their confidence and relationship with their dogs through training, play, mental health advocacy, and exploring.

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  • How Karoline’s mental health growing up affected her future career
  • The response that Karoline has gotten from the community as she shares her struggles
  • Why Tori no longer does photoshoots with Lucy and Burt
  • The process from conception to launch of Karoline’s new journal
  • What’s inside the Growing & Heeling Journal
  • Insight into Karoline’s other merchandise, including her “Bad Dog Mom” tshirt
  • What Karoline wishes she knew when she started her business






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