Podcast Episode 276: Boost Productivity by 65% with an Accountability Group

On this solo episode of Wear Wag Repeat Podcast, I discusses the importance of accountability and consistency in achieving success in your pet business. I begin by sharing the success story of my blog traffic increasing by 15% in June thanks to consistently posting high-quality content.

Search engines recognize and trust websites that maintain a consistent posting schedule. One of the best ways to stay consistent with your efforts to grow your business online is with an accountability group. 

You can create your own accountability group or connect with like-minded petpreneurs in Wear Wag Repeat Society. Tori shares how proud she is of the community she has created and shares a testimonial from a member who resonates with the group’s mission.

Find consistency and accountability in Wear Wag Repeat Society, a monthly membership for women in the pet industry.

Pet Business Accountability Group

Pomodoro Method, Timeboxing + More Productivity Tips

In this solo episode, I talk about the importance of consistency and accountability in growing an online business. I’m sharing personal anecdotes and practical tips on how solopreneurs and small business owners in the pet industry can stay focused, motivated, and accomplish their goals.

I also shed light on the power of community and how joining accountability groups can not only help in achieving your goals but also in preventing burnout. Toward the end, I share the upcoming Wear Wag Repeat Society themes and invite you to join the community.


  • The importance of consistency in content creation.
  • The effects of irregular posting on search engine ranking.
  • Focusing on quality and planning ahead in content creation.
  • The significance of accountability in business growth.
  • The role of accountability partners or groups in task completion.
  • Experiences from Tori’s June blogging challenge and the sense of community.
  • The value of support within the pet blogging community.
  • How accountability groups can prevent burnout.
  • The importance of setting and adjusting goals.
  • Wear Wag Repeat Society‘s mid-year check-in and future themes.
  • The importance of email marketing and welcome sequences.
  • Fostering deeper relationships with existing audiences on social media.


Quotes from the Episode

“Consistency is really one of the most important things in growing an online business.” – Tori Mistick

“People with accountability partners are 65% more likely to complete a task.” – Tori Mistick, citing a study by the American Society of Training and Development.

“I love to push you to think a little bit bigger and reach for your dreams.” – Tori Mistick

“These are all things that I feel are actually going to move the needle for your pet business. And right now I think that email is super important, I think that SEO is really important, and then I think showing up authentically on social media is very important as well.” – Tori Mistick

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