Podcast Episode 290: Does Email Marketing Outperform Social Media for Pet Businesses?

We’re diving into one of my favorite topics: email marketing! In this episode, I’ll be sharing real numbers from my ConvertKit account and revealing how I achieved an impressive 48% open rate on my emails. Trust me, that’s no easy feat.

But don’t worry, if you’re struggling with your email open rate, this episode is here to inspire and guide you. I’m sharing my journey of how I grew my engagement, replies, click-through rates, and daily email list growth.

Building success in email marketing takes time and dedication, and I’m here to share my successes and mistakes to help you save time and achieve your own email marketing goals.

email marketing for pet businesses

How I Built up a 45% Open Rate for My Pet Business Emails

First up, I talk about the rising importance of email marketing in today’s social media-dominated world. While social media platforms may have a limited reach and unpredictable algorithm changes, email marketing guarantees a 40-50% open rate for every email I send. It’s a powerful channel that allows direct communication with your audience.

To illustrate the power of email marketing, I’m sharing success stories from 3 members of the Wear Wag Repeat Society:

  • Louise Belmont grew her email list by 25 leads in just one week by creating a new lead magnet for reactive dog parents.
  • Skarlet Rockwood experienced a nearly 100% sign-up rate for her ebook at a speaking engagement!
  • Charlotte Lehman doubled her income from photography at dog sports events thanks to her email list. 

If you’re ready to take your email marketing to the next level, stay tuned as I share the strategies and tactics I used to increase my open rate from 30% to an impressive 48% in just 18 months.

Plus, I have an exclusive deal that you won’t find anywhere else on the internet to help you on your email marketing journey. As an affiliate partner, my friend Liz Wilcox gave me early permission to share her Yearly Pass with you! This is truly the secret sauce to all my email marketing success. 

I’ve been using LIz’s template and implementing her advice for 2 years and I can confidently say that thanks to her, if my Instagram account went down tomorrow, I would be ok. All thanks to email marketing!

Liz’s Email Marketing Membership Annual Pass includes every a la carte training and workshop she’s ever done and will create in the next year. It’s an unbeatable value – just $108 for the entire year! Get your paws on the email membership here.


  • Comparing email open rates to social media reach
  • Tori’s personal journey from a 30% to 48% open rate
  • How consistently emailing your list will naturally increase engagement
  • How Tori has been able to stay consistent each week thanks to email templates
  • Early deal on Liz Wilcox’s Annual Pass for a year’s worth of email templates and bonuses!


  • “I think that the consistent consistency of sending out my emails every single week and keeping them at a really high quality has helped with my open rate.”
  • “Every single email that I send gets between 40% to 50% opens.”
  • “How to Achieve an Impressive 48% Open Rate on Your Emails: ‘A lot of people struggle to hit 20%, but 20% is still really good compared to the kind of reach that a lot of us are seeing on social media these days.'”




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