Podcast Episode 291: A Recipe for Success: Scaling an All-Natural Dog Treat Brand

In this episode, I’m sitting down with Kelly Ison, the brilliant mind behind Einstein Pets, an all-natural organic pet treat brand.

From her corporate background to shaping a brand deeply anchored in love – both for her dog Abbey and for better pet nutrition – Kelly is a role model for every aspiring pet business owner. In this conversation, we get into her insights on the importance of step-by-step business growth, the vital role of impactful packaging, and why it’s important to truly collaborate with independent pet retailers.

I loved hearing about Kelly’s brand story and the passion behind each ingredient in her recipes. You’ll learn that Einstein Pets is all about using really high-quality ingredients… and enough of them so that you can really smell the ingredients when you open the bag of treats! The smell factor is important!

Every chat with an industry leader like Kelly is a treasure trove of wisdom, and today is no exception.

My main takeaway? I hope this episode inspires you to grow your business in a sustainable way that works for you. We want your business to be growing and thriving 10 years from now and 20 years from now. Don’t feel the pressure to do everything all at once and get burnt out.

But don’t take it from me… here’s Kelly to share her story and the key to her pet business growth.

From Corporate to Canine: Einstein Pets’ Blueprint for Success in the Pet Industry

Like most pet parents, Kelly Ison wanted to give her dog Abbey the best of everything, which included her diet. When it came to treats, Kelly couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for, and was alarmed at all the product recalls and poor-quality treats on the market. At that point she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Kelly combined her love of cooking with her love for Abbey, and researched canine diet and nutrition, specifically regarding weight gain and allergies. After lots of recipe tweaking (and Abbey taste testing) they found the perfect treat concept. Ready for a new challenge, her company Einstein Pets Treats was born.

Einstein Pets makes all-natural organic treats using only pure, delicious and nutritious ingredients that you will recognize immediately from your own grocery list. Abbey still likes to taste test, and the products are still made in small batches, baked by hand, with only the finest human-grade ingredients.


  • Kelly’s corporate career prior to starting her business
  • How to prepare yourself to leave a corporate job
  • The moments where Kelly knew her business was successful
  • Why the ingredients make Einstein Pets products stand out
  • How Einstein Pets educates their customers





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