Podcast Episode 294: Inside Tori’s 2023 Income Strategy

In this episode solo episode of the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast, I’m pulling back the curtain on my 2023 pet business income goals.

Join me as I examine the shifts in my business income streams, the strategies I’ve used to more than double my affiliate sales, and the insights gained from industry trends.

If you’re a woman in the pet industry on your entrepreneurial journey, this episode is packed with tips on how to adapt and thrive!

9th Annual Pet Blogger Challenge

Authentic Income Goals for my Pet Business

Today, I’m sharing a personal peek into the financial side of Wear Wag Repeat. I’ve always believed in transparency and the power of sharing knowledge, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

From utilizing the profit-first system to a strategic focus on diversifying my income through online courses and the Wear Wag Repeat Society membership. I talk about how I’ve pivoted from primarily sponsored content to a more stable and controlled revenue model that has online education as my biggest income source.

Plus, I’ll share the excitement of seeing my efforts pay off, with affiliate income more than doubling this past year! Can I get it to triple… I still have November and December to work on it!

Topics Discussed

  • My monthly accounting routine and goal to triple affiliate income in 2023
  • The transition from sponsored content to earning more through membership, courses, and coaching
  • How conversations with industry experts influence my business decisions
  • The vital move from social media management to petpreneurship
  • The importance of a strategic, year-long focus on specific business goals
  • Upcoming community events to help you set and smash your 2024 goals

Resources I Used to Manage My Pet Business Income

Quotes from the Episode

  • “Diving into my numbers, I’ve seen my income buckets shift dramatically, with education leading the pack!”
  • “The pet industry is evolving, and so should our strategies for income and profit.”
  • “I dedicated a year to grow each branch of my business, and that focus has paid off immensely.”
  • “Looking ahead, I’m gearing up to amplify my online courses and further expand my affiliate earnings.”

Connect with Wear Wag Repeat

I’m here to help you live your best life with your dogs and build a thriving petpreneur journey. You can find more resources, get inspired, and connect with fellow petpreneurs at Wear Wag Repeat.

Don’t forget to join our exclusive membership for access to invaluable insights and our December 2024 Goal Planning Party!

Remember, you can reach out to me on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Let’s make those pet business dreams a reality!


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