Podcast Episode 302: Negotiate Like a Pro: How Pet Content Creators Can Boost Their Earnings

On this episode of the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast, we’re digging into the 1st quarter theme of making more money in your pet business.  

To get us started on this theme, I’m excited to share a conversation with Kara Conway Love. Kara brings to the table her wide ranging expertise in the legal world, content creation, and entrepreneurship.

As we explore topics like maximizing earnings, negotiating partnerships as pet influencers or pet content creators, and avoiding legal pitfalls, Kara’s expertise shines through. You’ll find that our conversation offers helpful perspectives for creators and entrepreneurs alike.

One important area that we touch on is usage rights. This is something that affects all of us in today’s multimedia climate. Kara shares some great insights on how to negotiate usage rights to maximize the profitability of your partnerships. 

Lastly, she provides expert guidance on how to protect your finances as a business owner and whether or not you should consider forming an LLC to do so. 

There’s a lot of actionable advice and valuable takeaways in this episode. If you want to go deeper and hear the action steps that I would recommend taking after talking with Kara, please check out the bonus solo episode that will be released on the Wear Wag Repeat Society secret podcast – that is only available as an exclusive bonus to Wear Wag Repeat Society members.

Kara Conway Love on Negotiating for Pet Content Creators

Kara Conway Love on Avoiding Common Financial Pitfalls for Pet Content Creators

Kara Conway Love, Esq. is the go-to expert at the constantly changing intersection of legal, business, and social media for creators and entrepreneurs. She empowers creators, influencers, and entrepreneurs by providing savvy advice to protect and grow their brands. With over 30 years of experience as a business lawyer, Kara has combined her legal expertise with her experience as a creator, author, public speaker, and former college business professor to guide others along their journey.

Kara founded Business Network Hub™ Membership to help women successfully navigate legal, business, and social media challenges to grow their brands. She also offers Legal Contract Templates, 1:1 Coaching, and online courses to help creators and brands make more money.

In 2018, Kara launched @Dog.Like.Me to build a community of dog influencers around the world and she manages her dog’s lifestyle account @WalterDuffyDog as well as her personal brand, @KaraConwayLove to help creators and entrepreneurs. Kara and Walter are a certified Therapy Dog Team and visit local hospitals and schools to spread Walter’s magic!

Quotes from Kara Conway Love

“I really think there’s still so much need for support, even with small creators who haven’t had viral success and that kind of thing. Because as you know, brands are interested in working with small creators as well. So there is a place for everybody wth these this monetization opportunities.”

“The main gist of that problem, which is so prevalent in the influencer marketing community, is that people are not getting paid for the usage rights they are giving away.”

“Having an LLC in place cannot hurt. It’s a way to protect you. You want to make sure that the contracts that you enter into with brands are in the name of your LLC and not in your personal name.”

Timestamped Episode Overview

05:30 How Kara created a professional personal brand from her legal background.

07:07 Why small creators need support in business ventures.

11:34 Creators understand misuse of their content.

14:22 Unpaid vs paid use of content explained.

17:45 Exclusivity clauses limit pet content creators, and why you need to ask for competitor clarification.

22:18 How to negotiate payment terms for influencer contracts.

24:33 Protect your assets with an LLC for business contracts.

27:41 Creators need to protect their income so they can pay taxes responsibly when the time comes.

31:38 Charging different prices and getting long-term deals.

33:12 Kara’s website, socials, and her new book

Connect With Kara

Instagram @karaconwaylove
Facebook Page
Kara’s New Book: Leveraging Influence: The Creator’s Guide to Negotiating Brand Deals



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