Welcome to Wear Wag Repeat Podcast Episode 4: Megan Rose of Gal’s Best Friend is a dog mom so passionate about animal rescue that she turned her last Caribbean vacation into a rescue mission. Listen and you’ll learn about how she creates custom branded merchandise for her blog with two friends and all about a cool high tech solution to tying your dog up while running errands.

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Megan Rose is one third of the website Gal’s Best Friend. She’s a Texas girl living in New York City. She works for an amazing dog company called Dog Parker. She has 2 border collies and 1 Dominican pup!

Tori: How did Gal’s Best Friend start?

Megan: Gal’s Best friend is a blog I have together with two my my friends, Jessica based in Dallas and Chelsea in Salt Lake City. About a year and half ago, I had a dream that the three of us had a dog blog together. I texted them the next morning that in my dream we started a dog mom blog with fashion and lifestyle advice. They thought it was a great idea and we made it happen!

Podcast Episode 4: Megan Rose of Gal's Best Friend

Tori: What are some of your favorite dog friendly places to visit?

Central park, cafes in the city. We just moved to Brooklyn so we’re exploring it now. This past summer we had an event at a dog park bar in Dallas. It would be awesome to have the events in other cities. I’d love to do an event in New York City.

Tori: How did you create your own line of t-shirts and hats?

We did a pre-run about a year ago, and it went well so we went for it. We were getting so many shirts from other companies and realized we wanted our own sayings. We always post quotes on social media, and we were getting requests that they should be on shirts. We have one shirt that says Puppy Baby Mama, and another that says Relationship Status with the dog emoji under it. We have two hat designs, too. One says Badass Dog Mom and the other says Dog Vibes Only. We can’t wait to do more in the future.

Tori: Tell Us about the rescue section of your website Gal’s Best Friend?

One of our missions when we started the site was to shine a light on rescues around the country. We made a section with rescues we partner with all over the country. We also have rescues in London, Paris, Mexico and Italy. Any event that we do, we make sure to have adoptable pups there so we can save more lives.

Tori: What is Dog Parker?

Dog Parker is a smart internet connected dog house that’s placed outside of grocery stores and other business where you can’t take your dog in. It’s a safe alternative to tying your dog up. In the city there’s a huge problem with dogs who are tied up being stolen. So the founder Chelsea moved to the city and realized this and decided to come up with a solution. It’s air conditioned and heated, it has a webcam inside, it auto sanitizes between each use. We have about 40 in Brooklyn. IT works a little like ZipCar because you get a membership card and only you can unlock it when you have access. I’ve put Pharrell and Rosie in there together before. They are obsessed with it. Rosie pulls me to it when we see one!

I’m the community manager for Dog Parker so I organize all of our events and partnerships.

Tori: Tell us about Rumba’s rescue story.

This past march, my boyfriend and I were in the dominican republic. We were on the beach and I thought I saw a dog. We want over to check it out and there was Rumba on the beach. We were snaking her food and water for three days. She was a total stray on the beach. On the third night we were going to feed her and saw 2 more puppies. That’s when we knew we couldn’t leave them. We spent the rest of our vacation figuring out how to rescue the dogs. We heard stories of the beach dogs being poisoned and other terrible things.

We found an amazing rescue called Red Collars. She takes in all the worst of the worst dogs. She actually knew who rumba ways and had spayed her a year before. She agreed to help us get her back to the US with us. We got them off the beach and to her rescue. After going through quarantine and getting their papers, she shipped rumba and three other dogs to us here in NYC. We rented a car and picked them up at the airport. Rumba recognized me, we all cried and it was the best day ever!

Podcast Episode 4: Megan Rose of Gal's Best Friend


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