On this episode, I’m talking with Theresa Piasta, the founder of the Puppy Mama community and the author of a new book sourced from real dog mom stories alongside advice from trainers, groomers and vets. We talk about the importance of creating a community around dogs and the nitty gritty details that it took to create this new book. We also touch on Theresa’s plans for her next book that will include advice on how to take your dog to more places so you rarely have to leave them behind.

The Puppy Mama Community’s Advice on Raising a Doodle

Before founding Puppy Mama, Theresa Piasta was a Vice President at J.P. Morgan—spending six years in the Investment Bank and Sales & Trading businesses at two Wall Street banks. Prior to that she served as an Army Captain in a Field Artillery Brigade. During her fourteen-month Iraq deployment in 2008, Theresa led a large team to defend thousands of soldiers and contractors residing on Forward Operating Base Delta near the Iranian border. She was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for her service.

After the military, Theresa attended the Stanford GSB Ignite program in 2016 and started the Puppy Mama community to advocate for a more dog-friendly world and for the healing power of canine therapy. Her first book, Raising a Doodle: Heartwarming Stories from Dog Parents Around the World is the adorable how-to guide for both new and experienced doodle parents.

Theresa and her six siblings grew up in Sonoma County, California. Today she lives in San Francisco, with her husband, infant son and cavapoo, Waffles.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Going from the military to running your own dog-inspired business
  • How dogs help us build emotional connections
  • Staying flexible so you can pivot your business model when needed
  • The process of writing a book and gathering material
  • Raising funds for training service dogs
  • Training your dog to be a traveler


Where to Find Theresa:


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