The Best Swiffer Buys for Dog Moms

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A question I get all the time is how I keep my home clean with two big dogs running around. We have to deal with drool, dirt and lots and lots of hair! I’ve tried a lot of different tools and tips over the years but the one thing that makes the biggest difference is to clean a little bit every day. But who has the time to vacuum or mop every single day? I definitely don’t!

The Best Swiffer Buys for Dog Moms

Discovering The Best Swiffer Buys for Dog Moms

Somehow I’ve gone my whole adult life never owning a Swiffer! For years I used a similar dry microfiber mop but the cleaning pads needed to be washed between uses and to get the hair off I would smack it against the stairs in my back yard. It was a pain in the butt!

I don’t know why I waited so long to get a Swiffer, but when I saw that they have a new Heavy Duty Pet line available at Walmart it seemed like the perfect reason to give it a shot. The special pet products are available for the Swiffer Sweeper (for both wet and dry cloths) and the 180 Duster. So I got both!

The Best Swiffer Buys for Dog Moms

The Best Swiffer Buys for Dog Moms

Immediately I realized how great it is to be able to throw away the hair and dirt covered cleaning cloth when I was finished. We have chocolatey brown dog hair tumbleweeds gathering in the corners every few days. If I’m going to keep up with it I need to make it easy! Another perk is that Febreze odor defense is built-in to the cloth so it freshens as I clean and leaves a light scent afterward. Burt approves!

The Best Swiffer Buys for Dog Moms

Cleaning Up Dog Hair

This new lineup of products is designed just for dog (and cat) moms! It traps and locks in more pet hair than ever before. Since this is my first Swiffer sweeper I don’t have much to compare it to but I can tell you it’s far better than the microfiber dry mop I was using before. After I used the Swiffer on my hardwood floors I was walking around barefoot and the floors actually felt clean. And that’s just with the dry cloth!

The Best Swiffer Buys for Dog Moms

As you can see, Lucy and Burt are totally unphased by my new cleaning tools. They just lounge while I clean around them. Burt even watched me using the 360 Duster to clean between the railings on my stairs. Dog hair always settles in those little nooks and it’s such a pain to vacuum! This duster made that job so much easier!

The Best Swiffer Buys for Dog Moms

The Best Swiffer Buys for Dog Moms

Training Your Dog To Help Clean

The duster is so easy to use that I got an idea! I’ve been working with Lucy to teach her “hold” so she can pose with items in her mouth. It took about an hour of training, but we worked on her hold command until she’d hold the Swiffer duster in her mouth long enough for me to take a photo! Training her to actually use it might take a while, but a dog mom can dream!

The Best Swiffer Buys for Dog Moms

Are you drowning in drool and covered in dog hair? Get over to Walmart where you can find the new Swiffer Heavy Duty Pet products including dusters, sweepers, dry sweeping cloths and wet mopping cloths. The really stop the shedding from spreading because they make it so easy to clean a little every day.

The Best Swiffer Buys for Dog Moms

Looking for more dog mom cleaning tips? Find out how I hand wash our collars and leashes! You can also keep your home smelling fresh with my all-natural odor neutralizing Puppy Breath candle, available in the Wear Wag Repeat Shop!


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