9 Best Dog Mom Subscription Boxes [2022]

There are soooo many subscription boxes out there! It’s hard to know which one is the best fit for you and your dog. I’ve tried monthly dog boxes that send toys and treats for my dog, and I’ve tried other boxes that send beauty products and dog mom accessories for me. But my favorite boxes are the ones that combine my two favorite things… style and dogs! If you love that combo too, there are plenty of awesome dog subscription boxes that were created with you and me in mind.

The Best Monthly Dog Subscription Boxes for Dog Moms

What I love about these dog monthly subscription boxes is that they’re created by some really awesome dog moms and pet brands that put a lot of time and research into every box they curate. They not only provide great quality services and products, but they also contribute to helping animal shelters and rescue pets. Let’s support each other and get some super cute stuff at the same time.

The Dapper Dog Box:  Stylish Dog Subscription

This box is all about keeping your dog looking stylish! The Dapper Dog Box comes with a beautiful handcrafted themed bandana made exclusively for The Dapper Dog Box, customized based on your dog’s weight and size.  So you can be sure that the bandana fits your pooch. You’ll also receive at least 2 dog treats and 2 toys, all curated around a fun theme. 

They’ll also customize your box for heavy chewers or grain-free pups. If you are a serial pet treater and you want your pooch to be the best dressed in the neighborhood you can get a monthly box subscription that includes healthy all-natural treats and high-quality dog toys. 

Check out the unboxing video I did for one of the Dapper Dog boxes!

Dapper Dox Box Unboxing Video

Hound and Co. Boxes: For the Etsy Obsessed Dog Mom

Hound and Co. is an online marketplace full of unique pet products and their subscription box is customized just for you and your pooch by the Subscription Manager. There’s nothing like having a personal shopper! They have birthday, wellness, and snack collections, and all boxes feature high-quality, well-crafted, dog-centric goods that include dog food, chew toys, and many more pooch perks. 

My favorite detail is that they partner with health-conscious and local small business brands. Support small businesses while you treat yourself or a loved one to beautiful surprises from the best of Hound & Co’s shop community every month!

Subscription Box for Stylish Dog Mom

The Real Dog Box: For the Super Chewer Dog

The Real Dog Box is perfect if you’re looking to occupy your dog so you can actually have a quiet moment to yourself! Maybe you want to paint your nails, watch a movie or have a few friends over but your dog is kinda an attention hog? Real Dog Box will send you a box of fresh and natural chews every month. Chewing is great mental stimulation for your dog! It will keep them busy and tire them out so you can have a night to yourself.

You can even tag them as a super chewer if your dog devours the regular chews faster than you’d like. In our first box, we had steer pizzle, lamb spleen, and turkey wings!

Want to know more about everything that goes into this subscription box? I got to talk with the dog mom behind the brand on my podcast – listen to my conversation with Ruby Balaram on episode 57.

BarkBox: The Box That Makes It Fun To Be A Dog

BarkBox is all about themes! This is a totally customized monthly dog box. When you sign up, answer a few questions about your pup’s weight, age, and allergies and they’ll send you a box of themed toys and treats for your pup. Every BarkBox has 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a chew, curated from each month’s unique themed collection. 

I also love that they have options for super chewer doggies, with tough toys, treats, and chews designed to challenge and engage your dog for longer-lasting play. They also have a 100% Happy Guarantee policy. They’re known for their great customer service and interactive social media accounts! So if you have any question about your box, just contact their customer service and they will help you out before your dog can even bark!

Bark Box for dogs with toys and treats

Dog Mom Lifestyles: The Box For The Stressed Dog Mom

This one is as much for the mom as it is for the pup. Dog Mom Lifestyle boxes offer treats for both you and your pooch, to help you relax and de-stress. I love that this is not the average dog treat box but they take into account both my needs and my pup’s. You can get treats, toys, and stylish accessories for your dog, and a relaxation ritual with self-care products for mom.

And they partner with shelters and animal charities to help fight against animal homelessness, abuse and neglect. Every subscription will help make a better world for all those sweet pups that haven’t found a home yet.

Learn more about what stress is doing to dog moms and why Jocelyn Mizrahi created this subscription box in Episode 216 of the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast

Dog Mom Lifestyle box for dogs with toys, treats and dog mom items

PupBox: The Curated Box for Every Stage of Your Pup’s Life

I have to say that PupBox is one of the cutest dog box subscriptions I have seen. They provide age-based personalized monthly boxes packed with treats, toys, and tips customized for your pup’s every life stage. 

Each month, your pooch will receive a box filled with all the toys, treats, accessories they love, plus all the training info you need to be the best parent pawsible.  I really love the idea of the box changing every month according to my pup’s life stage and development needs. Teething toys, plush toys, rope toys, interactive toys, and tough toys are rotated based on the pup’s development. It can’t get more personalized than that, right? 

Each box includes 5-7 products and a guide with various training tips, tasty recipes and even ways on how to better bond with our fur babies. The chews and the meaty training treats are all healthy and meet Petco’s high nutritional standards. They will even take into account dietary restrictions.

A lovely brown pup with his PupBox full of toys and treats

Pup Mom Crate: A Monthly Box For The Spoiler Mom

I love how this box combines style and practicality both for me and for my pooch. With this monthly subscription, you will get super colorful and – I must say – very cute toys for your pup, and you will also get spoiled with lovely home decor items and accessories specially designed for dog moms. And don’t forget the dog treats! That’s a staple for every dog subscription box on this list! Pup Mom Crate even has special boxes for Halloween, Christmas, or the New Year. 

The best part? All goodies are full size and specially curated with you and your pup in mind.

Pup Mom Crate subscription box for dogs with plenty of treats, toys for dogs and accessories for dog moms

BullyMake Box: A Dog Toy Subscription Box For Power Chewers

Your pup is a machine that destroys every single toy you give him in a matter of minutes? Then this is the best dog subscription box for you. BullyMake specializes in nylon, rubber, and ballistic toys for tough chewers. In each box they include 2 to 3 super tough toys that were built to last plus 3 healthy and nutritious bags of treats. 

You can choose your boxes from Bullymake’s unique themes, or you can get exactly what you want and customize your own box. One thing is for sure, BullyMake toys will keep your pup engaged and happy.  If you or your dog aren’t 100% satisfied with an item – or somehow your intense chewer gets the best of one of the toys – they’ll replace it with a different item for free. This is definitely THE dog subscription box for heavy chewers.

A pitbull with a big rubber toy in his mouth and next to his BullyMake Box full of toys for heavy chewers

Pet Treater Box: The 100% Customizable Dog Box Subscription

This monthly box treats your pet with quality goodies that won’t break your wallet. They select products with the best pricing so you can try out the subscription box model without a lot of risk.  The selection will vary month to month and can range from treats to grooming supplies to toys and accessories. 

Each box is filled with 5-8 hand-selected items, featuring a variety of super fun toys and all-natural treats. Everything is selected according to your dog’s size, which is so helpful! Is your pooch on a special diet and can’t eat most treats? No worries, Pet Treater also offers a toy-only bundle or a treat-only package. I also appreciate that most of their products are made in the USA and Canada. Choose from a monthly subscription or pay for multiple months in advance to save even more.

Pet Treater subscription package with toys and treats for dogs

The Next Subscription Box For Dogs I Want to Try!

There are more boxes out there than I’ll ever get to, but one I have my eye on is the Surprise Pawty Box. I love that it’s curated by expert pawty planners to bring you the best of the best. It’s full of durable toys, all-natural treats and fun accessories for your furbaby, as well as innovative essentials and cool surprises for you!

There are so many other subscription boxes for dogs out there, but I wanted to share with you my favorites. 

How Much Does a Dog Subscription Box Cost? 

A dog subscription box’s cost will vary depending on the types of products you want for your pup and the prices of these monthly boxes for dogs range from $15 to $50 per box and per month. The average price for most subscription boxes is around $30 per month, while the most expensive boxes can reach as high as $50 per month. 

The price also depends on the type of surprise you want for your pup (treats or toys, for example) and how often you want a box delivered. Most of these options include free shipping, and all these businesses have amazing customer service that will solve any issues you may encounter with your box in the blink of an eye (or the wag of a tail). 

Don’t forget to check for the 6 and 12-month bundle discounts. Most of these boxes will offer you up to 25% OFF when you get the 12-month plan. 

Keep in mind that a customizable dog subscription box is often cost-effective if you tend to get your dog treats and toys regularly. 

What Comes in a Dog Subscription Box? 

Dog subscription boxes come in all sizes to suit different pups’ tastes. Most plans include a variety of products such as toys, treats, and chews. Many companies, such as BarkBox or Pet Treater, allow you to customize what you want to receive every month, so you can opt for more toys or more treats if that’s what you and your pup prefer. 

Heavy chewers, dogs with allergies, or pups that ignore toys can all benefit from a dog subscription box. Some companies, such as Pup Mom Crate and Dog Mom Lifestyles will also include gifts and treats for the dog parents as well.

Do You Get Toys With a Dog Subscription Box?

While some dog subscription boxes only provide chews and treats, most come with a toy or two every month. If you are mostly interested in toys, you can opt for a box specializing in dog toys such as Pet Treater Dog Box or Bullymake. These options are great for dogs that go through toys quickly and require frequent replacements.

Are there any boxes you’ve tried that are just for stylish dog moms? I’d love to know about them! Leave a comment below and pin this image to remember these boxes when you need a good gift idea!

The Best Subscription Boxes for Stylish Dog Moms

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