Would You Rather Questions: Dog Friend Edition 🐶

Who doesn’t love playing a fun game of “Would You Rather?” It reminds me of middle school and summer camp! But now that I’m a dog mom, I’m less interested in asking my friends which crush they would rather kiss! I would rather know what they would pick when it comes to their dogs.

So check out this giant list of would your rather animal questions for dog lovers. I broke it down into categories of silly questions, questions to ask your serious dog friends, thought-provoking ones, and finally would you rather questions dog edition… if only they could talk!

These questions are a fun way to get to know your dog friends. They also make great social media content!

Borrow my question ideas for your Instagram captions or to make a fun TikTok. If you have a pet business, a round of “Would You Rather Dog Edition” would be great for your social media engagement!

Would you rather questions dog

Would You Rather Questions for Dog Lovers

Let’s start this with the funny questions! These “would you rather” questions are great to ask your group of dog friends or even the kids in your life. These are light-hearted conversation starters and icebreakers that you can use when you want to have a laugh and learn something about your friends.

These silly animal-related “would you rather” could also make great social media captions for your dog’s Instagram or TikTok account!

Would you rather…

  1. Have a dog with a cat personality or a cat with a dog personality?
  2. Have a dog that barks all the time but it’s very quiet or only barks a few times a year but it’s very loud?
  3. Have your dog sleep in your bed, but you have to share, or sleep in your dog’s bed but you get it to yourself?
  4. Have a dog that drools on everything or one that sheds on everything?
  5. Do a canine enrichment activity for 15 minutes or go on a 1-hour walk around the neighborhood?
  6. Give your dog the ability to text message you or let them have an Instagram account?
  7. Pick up 1 two-handed poop per day or 6 small poops?
  8. Have a dog who can open the freezer or one who can open the front door of your home?
  9. Have your dog pee on your barefoot or shake their head and drool lands in your mouth?
  10. Only be able to refer to your dog as “my best friend” when you talk about them or only be able to refer to them by the silliest nickname you have for them?
  11. Have your fingers made of your dog’s favorite treat (they’d grow back if your dog ate them) or have your hair made of your dog’s favorite treat (it would also grow back as fast as hair does)?
  12. Switch bodies with your dog for one day or hear all of your dog’s thoughts as your own inner dialogue for one year?
  13. Eat bone broth ice cream for dogs for the rest of your life or never have ice cream ever again?
  14. Carry your dog everywhere you want to go together or not be able to leave your house (but friends could come to visit)?
  15. Catch your dog’s puke in your bare hands or have to ride in the car with them for 1 hour after they rolled in something really stinky in the woods?
  16. Go on a luxury city vacation with your dog to a fancy hotel in the city or stay at an off-the-grid cabin in the woods?
  17. Have your dog remembered in the history books for everything they ever ate in their life or have the history books remember your dog for 1 loyal thing they did for you?
  18. Eat a raw egg or eat 3 bites of your dog’s food?
  19. Only be able to walk your dog during the day or only be able to walk them during the night?
  20. Have your dog tell people in public about what they see you do at home alone or have to walk your dog in your underwear?
  21. Would you rather have a dog that snores louder than a freight train every night or a dog that laughs out loud at every joke you tell?

would you rather animal questions

Would You Rather for Dog-Obsessed People

Now let’s get into the serious dog person questions. These could spark a debate with your friends! Or you might find out that you have the same preferences on everything dog-related. The only way to find out what’s going on in people’s minds is to ask!

Would you rather…

  1. Get a purebred puppy or an adult rescue dog?
  2. Have a dog who’s happiest on a raw diet or have a dog who’s happiest eating highly processed food?
  3. Have a dog that’s good with kids or a dog that’s good with other dogs?
  4. Have a Chihuahua or a Husky?
  5. Have to walk through an airport with an untrained dog wearing a fake service dog vest or have your well-trained dog poop in the ring at a dog sports event?
  6. Take your dog on every first date you go on or not introduce your dog until you’ve been dating someone for 1 year?
  7. Have a one-minute conversation with your dog or be able to hear all their thoughts but not communicate back?
  8. Have Dolly Parton dog sit for one week or have Cesar Millan dog sit for one day?
  9. Have a dog that’s perfectly crate trained but has no recall or one with perfect recall who whines in their crate the whole time?
  10. Have to tell people that your dog is a breed not remotely like them (for example, if you have a Border Collie you have to tell people it’s an English Bulldog) and people think you don’t know what you’re talking about or never be able to talk about your dog with other people for the rest of your life?

would you rather dog edition

Ask your Dog Friends These Serious “Would You Rather” Questions

Want to go a little deeper? With your close friends and family, you might want to ask more thought-provoking questions. Some of these would even make good journal prompts to get to know yourself better.

Would you rather…

  1. Have one 30-minute conversation with your dog but they keep their regular lifespan, or have your dog live as long as you do but they can never speak?
  2. Meet your true love but they are allergic to dogs or spend the rest of your life with someone who’s just OK but they let you have all the dogs you want?
  3. Ask your future self which dog in your lifetime ends up being your favorite or go back and tell your past self about all the dogs you’ll have?
  4. Give your dog to someone else who would guarantee them a happier life or keep your dog to yourself knowing that you’re doing your best?
  5. Would you rather have a pause button or a rewind button on your life with your dog?

Would You Rather DOG EDITION!

Since I’m having so much fun coming up with these “would you rather” questions, I can’t help but give you a few that you would ask your dog… if only they could talk!

Again, these would be great to use for dog social media content! Use these for your next Instagram caption.

Doggo, would you rather…

  1. Drink from the toilet bowl in your house or a public water bowl on the sidewalk?
  2. Lick your crotch or scratch your ears?
  3. Steal your mom’s snacks or eat your own snacks?
  4. Go to the groomer or to the vet?
  5. Have your nails trimmed or your ears cleaned?
  6. Eat as much of your own regular food as you want for a week or get 1 whipped cream pupcup per day for a year?
  7. Have a photographic memory of where every good pee spot is or have to find a brand new pee spot every day?
  8. Go swimming every day or stay dry and take a nap in the sun every day?
  9. Run and jump up on every new person you meet or calmly sit down next to new people?
  10. Have your bark sound like a cat meow or have all sticks taste bitter?

would you rather questions aboud dogs

I hope you’ve had as much fun exploring these silly and serious “Would You Rather Dog Edition” questions as I had writing them!

Whether you’re looking to spark lively discussions among your dog-loving friends, find creative content for your pet brand’s social media, or simply enjoy a laugh while pondering some of these absurd choices, this list should bring you joy!

I just think it’s so cool how silly questions like these can lead to in-depth conversations that reveal more about our personalities, preferences, and, of course, our deep love for our furry friends.

Start asking and discover how much fun you and your friends can have while getting to know each other—and your dogs—even better.

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