One of the silver linings of the current situation is that we’re all in it together. The challenges that you’re facing in your business and with your dogs is shared by many people around the world. That’s why it’s important to come together and learn how to make our lives better for the future.

Being stuck indoors presents a lot of challenges to running a business that revolves around dogs. Dogs are very physical creatures – they need to wag their tails, bark at the wind, drool on the floor, and sniff at the grass! They’re not great at using the internet.

But, they’re very popular ON the internet!

Due to worldwide stay at home policies, pet parents are spending more time than ever before online. Instagram usage is up 40% while everyone is stuck at home.

Pet adoptions were also up 70% in the month of March as everyone rushed to adopt a quarantine buddy or foster pets to free up shelter space.

This means that millions of people are looking for you and your pet expertise on Instagram!

Now is a great time to grow your pet business on Insatgram

Now Is the Best Time To Grow Your Pet Business on Instagram

While nothing is “business as usual”, I believe that this is our time to build. As a pet business, you can build your audience, your email list, and your customer base by making yourself easy to find and available to help online.

The best way to do that is through Instagram.

Over 500 million people are active on Instagram each day. And while there are no stats on how many of them have pets, I can promise it’s more than 100 million! *totally scientific fact!

That’s great news if you want to promote your pet product, service, non-profit or special skill. People on the ‘gram can’t get enough of pet-related content. And right now, pet owners could really use your help navigating life at home with dogs.

How Do You Get Your Pet Content Seen?

Instagram is overflowing with pets and the people who love them. The challenge is getting your pet content seen by the people who need it the most.

With all these pet accounts, how can you stand out?

If that thought frustrates you, take a second to see if any of these statements sound familiar…

  • You struggle to grow your following, even though what you do with pets is pretty amazing!
  • You feel guilty spending so much time trying to figure out Instagram when you’d rather hang with your own fur babies.
  • You compare yourself to big-deal pet accounts and wish you were on that level.
  • You feel like your photos aren’t as Insta-worth as they could be.

You’re not alone! These are frustrations that I hear from other pet lovers and business owners all the time. As a matter of fact, I was in your shoes just a few years ago before I cracked the code.

Instagram should be fun, and it should help you grow your business and make a difference in the lives of pets! That’s exactly why I created Instagram Strategy for the Pet Obsessed (aka InSPO).

In the InSPO online course, I show you how to grow your Instagram account so you can connect with followers who love you, your pet and the difference you make in the world.

Click here to learn more about the course and what’s included in InSPO!

How to become a pet influencer

Learn About Dog Influencers

As a Dog Influencer, I’ve worked with dozens of awesome brands. In the InSPO course, I explain how to find opportunities like the ones I work on, deliver the very best work, and share sponsored content in an authentic way.

If you don’t feel confidant about approaching brands or just don’t know what to say to them, I got you covered! I’ll teach you the exact method I use to approach brands for collaborations. These are copy and pasted message templates that I really use!

You could earn free treats or make enough money to cover your whole pet budget!

Are you a pet brand? There’s a whole lesson on how to find the best influencers to amplify your brand. Discover the 4 traits you need to look for to achieve blue ribbon influencer success that gives you the biggest bang for your buck!

One of the coolest parts about the Influencer module of the course is that no matter what side of the puzzle you’re on, you get to see all the lessons! I think it’s so valuable to know what the other side is expecting of you.

Make a difference in pets lives with Instagram

Grow Your Brand and Make a Difference in Pets’ Lives

I’ve worked in social media consulting for a dozen years and have been teaching Instagram education for the past three. I feel so lucky to have a great online community on Instagram and be able to teach you how to do the same thing.

Having an engaged following on Instagram has enabled me to do so many things. I’m able to make an income from Influencer posts, drive traffic to my blog and make people all over the world smile with my content. That positive impact on the world is probably the best part!

Thanks to my Instagram following, I was able to quit my day job one year ago. Now I do Wear Wag Repeat full time! I never would have been able to do that if it weren’t for the following I’ve built over the last few years.

Now that I focus on Wear Wag Repeat, I have more time to spend with my dogs, Burt and Lucy.

Do you want to learn a system that will save you a ton of time on Instagram while increasing your engagement and followers?

Saving time in the app will give you more time to grow your brand and make an impact on pets’ lives!

Click here to learn more about InSPO and enroll! 

There are some valuable bonuses that expire soon, so make sure to check out the course today.

Hear Success Stories on the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast

This month I’m publishing a series of Podcast episodes about growing your pet brand on Instagram. Pull up your favorite podcast app and listen to the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast on your next dog walk:

Ep. 108: Why My Dog’s Instagram is About More Than Just Followers
Ep. 109: Creating Community on Instagram with Modern Companion

More episodes to come every Wednesday!

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