Podcast Episode 266: All About My Rescue Dog Burt

In this episode of the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast, I’m talking about my rescue dog, Burt. I start by sharing the journey to adopt him as a special needs senior rescue dog. One of the reasons Burt was in the shelter for over a year is that he has epilepsy and requires daily medication. Since improving his lifestyle, I’ve been able to reduce Burt’s meds and he’s only had two seizures in the last five years.

Besides his health journey, I also talk about Burt’s unique personality and some of his early mischief. That mischief is ongoing, of course! At 11 years old, Burt proves that you’re never too old to get into good trouble! Finally, learn about Burt’s hobbies and preferences including his favorite sport, Barn Hunt. I also share Burt and Lucy’s differences and the special bond they share.

If you missed the episode all about Lucy, click here to listen to that!

All about my rescue dog Burt

Meet Burt: A Mischievous Dog and Barn Hunt Enthusiast

Burt joined our family in September 2018. He’s an 11-year-old Chocolate Labrador that I adopted from Action for Animals Humane Society in Latrobe, PA. Burt has epilepsy and takes medication twice a day to prevent seizures (he’s only had 2 since I adopted him). Burt is very happy with his current position at Wear Wag Repeat. As soon as he got settled in, he showed off his natural modeling skills for sponsored campaigns and blog photoshoots.

One of his most outstanding qualities is his amazing sense of smell. He loves to scavenge in the woods. Thanks to this natural talent, I started doing Barn Hunt with Burt when he was 9 years old. Since then, we earned his RATN title in 2022. Learn more about Burt’s love story and how he’s changed our lives.


  • How I found Burt on PetFinder
  • How we manage his canine epilepsy 
  • Overcoming separation anxiety and extreme counter surfing
  • Burt’s favorite foods and toys
  • Some of my favorite mischievous Burt stories
  • Getting into Barn Hunt and the connections I have thanks to Burt

Adopting Burt, Finding Love, and Managing Seizures

I dive into my journey of adopting Burt and the importance of introducing him to Lucy before making it official. They turned out to be the perfect pairing! I also discuss how we manage Burt’s seizures through a combination of lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and stress management.

Burt’s Separation Anxiety, Adventures, and Favorite Toys

I chat about Burt’s separation anxiety that lead him to jump up on the kitchen counter so he could stare out the window and look for me to come home. I also talk about how we’ve worked on Burt’s initial dislike of water and his hilarious efforts to avoid it. Finally, I share Burt’s favorite toys and how he loves to whip them around like a helicopter. Since he was in the shelter for over a year, he learned how to have fun on his own.

Discovering Barn Hunt

One of my favorite things to talk about is Burt’s big hobby – Barn Hunt! I share how I’m so grateful he inspired me to explore this dog sport with him. Burt has a naturally amazing sense of smell and hunt drive, so discovering this sport has been a wonderful outlet for him!



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