Podcast Episode 313: 5 Emails You Need to Send to New Subscribers

On this episode, I’m talking with Kerrie Fitzgerald of Ecommerce Society about the email welcome sequence for your pet business. I’ve known Kerrie for years and I love a chance to get on the line with her and talk about digital marketing.

Today’s conversation is full of actionable advice. Kerrie explains the five emails that you need to send to new subscribers when they join your email list.

These five emails are written in advance and scheduled as part of an automated email welcome sequence. In my pet business, I use ConvertKit to manage my email marketing, including my email welcome sequence.

What I love about Kerrie’s strategy that I’m about to share is that she explains the reason behind all five emails. And overall, they’re designed to make sales.

Your welcome sequence is when new subscribers are the MOST interested in you and your business. So you need to take advantage of that and make it easy for them to get what they came to you for.

This episode is part of my Q2 Email Marketing theme. Stay tuned for more expert interviews with actionable advice and solo episodes that will help you reach more pet lovers who need you in their lives!

5 Email Welcome Sequence to Turn Pet Parents into Customers

Kerrie Fitzgerald is the founder of Ecommerce Society LLC, an ecommerce and product business consulting and educational agency. She also hosts ‘The Ecommerce Society Podcast’ and is the author of the book ‘Customer Obsession.'”

As a marketing expert, Kerrie helps e-commerce businesses create “wildly in demand” brands that their customers are obsessed with. Her unique framework stems from organic marketing, customer loyalty, email marketing and website conversion strategies that bring in consistent sales and traffic without focusing a dime on ads.

After starting her first high-end pet e-commerce business, The Dapper Dog Box in 2016, she grew the business to multi 6 figures of revenue in two years without funding, staff or support and successfully sold the business in 2019. Kerrie is now in the works to launch her next product-based business venture, Amusejoy Poo Bags in 2024 and a software tech business that will help ecommerce businesses create strategy & growth.

She is a proud boy & dog mom, hot sauce and coffee lover and is an east coast transplant living in Seattle.


  • Why you need an automated email welcome series for new subscribers
  • How to structure your first welcome email
  • Why you should “idiot proof” your emails and website
  • Zeroing in on what makes your brand special
  • How you should structure your welcome email sequence
  • Concluding a welcome sequence with social proof and testimonials

Quotes from Kerrie about Your Email Welcome Sequence

  • “Tell people why they should buy from you. It sounds so simple when you say it, but actually, most people assume, ‘Oh, people just know everything about me already because they’ve gone to my website.'”
  • “Your welcome sequence is to get someone to buy from you. When you’re creating your emails, always think, does this email push this person who doesn’t really know about me to want to buy?”
  • “People remember the stories. They probably don’t remember all the selling points you put in your email. But once you start sharing your story, your secret sauce, and your mission, you make it easy for people to visualize using your product.”

Outline for your Pet Brand’s Email Welcome Sequence

In this episode, Kerrie shared five key emails for a welcome sequence with specific reasons for each one. In case you were walking the dog while you listened, I’m making it easy by sharing the outline for this welcome sequence here:

  1. Email 1 – Introduction with your incentive (like a discount code): She emphasized that the first email is crucial because it presents the best opportunity to make a sale. Offering a discount code incentivizes subscribers to make a purchase, creating immediate value for them and potentially driving sales for your business.
  2. Email 2 – Brand secret sauce: This email highlights what makes your brand unique. By sharing special product features, eco-friendliness, charitable contributions, or any other unique aspect, your business can stand out.
  3. Email 3 – Business mission or story: Sharing the story of why you started your pet business creates a connection with your new email subscribers. This personal touch not only builds trust.
  4. Email 4 – Social media channel follow-up: Directing customers to follow your pet brand on social media creates a sense of community and connection. Your want to direct them to the platform where you’re the most active so they can DM you or browse your virtual catalog of posts.
  5. Email 5 – Social proof and testimonials: Including social proof and testimonials the fifth emails reinforces info about your products or services. This helps build trust and confidence in your business.

Each email in this welcome sequence aligns with specific goals to engage potential customers, create a connection, and ultimately drive sales for your pet biz. If you have time, listen to the full episode for more examples and variations on each of these emails.




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