Best 2020 Election Gear for Dog Lovers

With the 2020 election right around the corner, we’re doing everything we can to encourage our community of dog lovers to vote. There are a lot of challenges this year, so we’ve teamed up with Wag the Vote 2020 to help spread facts about how to vote safely this year.

First, read our tips on how to make a dog-friendly voting plan, then check out all the fun 2020 election gear for dog lovers! There’s dog bandanas and clothes, pet parent gear and even some toys that show that you’ll be voting for Biden Harris! Scroll down to the bottom and let me know if you have a favorite.

Make a Dog-Friendly Voting Plan

Election day is November 3rd, but this year you need to plan ahead. Have you started making a voting plan yet? Your voting plan can be dog-friendly this year! Voting by mail means you get to spend more time with your dog, or even take them with you on a walk to drop your ballot in the mailbox.

A dog-friendly voting plan includes:
– Check your voter registration status ( is a great resource)
– Register to vote if you haven’t already (it literally takes 2 minutes)
– If you plan to vote by mail, check your state guidelines and deadlines and request your ballot ASAP
– Find your polling place if you plan to vote in person (it may have changed)
– Check with your state’s official election website for any changes to voting rules
– Talk to your dog park friends to make sure they have a voting plan too!

Whether you are going to vote by mail or in-person, it is important to have a plan now! Every single vote matters! Want to get your dog involved? Check out @wagthevote2020 on Instagram for more info.

Dr Biden with dogs Champ and Major

Photo: @drbiden with Major and Champ

The Best 2020 Election Gear for Dog Lovers

This gear gives you a good reason to buy your dog some fun new stuff! It’s also a great way to encourage your (IRL and IG) friends to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Joe and his wife Jill have two German Shepherds and Kamala is a proud dog lover!

wag the vote dog bandana

Wag the Vote Bandana in *Limited Edition PINK*
By PawPawRazziReady in the Wear Wag Repeat Shop, $18-20


Wag the vote bandana

Wag the Vote Bandana in Red, White or Blue
By PawPawRazziReady on Etsy, $14-$18


Biden Harris Dog Shirt

Dogs for Biden Harris Doggy Raglan T-Shirt
By , $25


dog for president dish towel

My Dog for President Over Door Hanging Towel
By MamaHas5andSews on Etsy, $10


vote scrunchie bandana set

VOTE Hair Scrunchie + Dog Bandana Set
By HellaCoolDogCo, $14 – $20

vote dog lover shirt

I Vote to Give My Dog a Better Life T-Shirt
By Wear Wag Repeat, $32

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Luseal dog wag the vote tag

Wag the Vote Dog Tag
By Lusealdog on, $19



Joe Biden Dog Toy
By Fuzzu Available at The Fish & Bone (shop small!), $14.99


dogs for biden garden sign

Dogs for Biden Garden Flag
By CraftsPrincessDesign on Etsy, $18.99

vote puppies mug

Vote Puppies 2020 Mug
By Kai’s Ruff Wear, $25


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the Best 2020 Biden Election Dog Gear


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