Do you love to accessorize your dog? Given my love of style and my dog, I was actually pretty reluctant to dress Lucy up in cute things. It wasn’t until my old dog Lola got to be a senior lady and needed a sweater and booties to keep her warm on winter walks that I finally accepted that dressing your dog up is super fun!

Labradors aren’t the kind of dogs that you can put in t-shirts and jackets all the time (although Lucy has an adorable raincoat!), so I’ve discovered the joy of really cute bandanas! Want to learn how to make the cutest DIY reversible bandanas so your pup can be stylish all year? Keep reading!

How To Make The Cutest DIY Reversible Dog Bandanas

Making The Cutest DIY Reversible Dog Bandanas

Since I love to make my own things, I decided to make these cute reversible dog bandanas for Lucy’s Summer wardrobe. You can make your own bandanas by simply cutting a triangle out of a piece of fabric, but eventually, the edges will fray. That might be good enough for a 1-day use, but I wanted to make bandanas Lucy and I could enjoy for months (or years!).

When I want to find cool fabrics I head to an awesome independent fabric store here in Pittsburgh called Loom. They carry really great prints on cotton fabric in addition to gorgeous luxurious home decor and fashion fabrics that I always have to browse when I’m there.

For these doggy bandanas, I wanted to find a bunch of different patterns that had complimentary colors so that I could mix and match them into double-sided triangles. My two favorites are the indigo shibori pattern and the beetles. The shibori is very on-trend (you can buy a similar print on Amazon) and the beetles are very Summery – we find actual beetles on our walks all the time! There’s TONS of fabric on Amazon that would be perfect for bandanas, just search for quilting fabric.

How To Make The Cutest DIY Reversible Dog Bandanas

How To Make The Cutest DIY Reversible Dog Bandanas

How to Make Reversible Dog Bandanas

Step 1 I used a free bandana from a dog food company as a template since I knew it tied comfortably around Lucy’s neck. Always double check that your size will fit your dog before you cut!

Step 2 I cut out 2 pieces of fabric. For this I used 2 different patterns that compliment each other.

Step 3 Lay the cut-out pieces with the good sides facing in and sew all the way around, leaving 2 or 3 inches un-sewn so you can flip it right-side-out after the next step.

Step 4 To give the bandana a crisp, finished look, I pressed the seams down with an iron and clipped the corners. I have an older version of this iron and it always does the trick!

Step 5 Use the un-sewn hole I mentioned earlier to turn your bandana right-side-out.

Step 6 Press it all one more time so that your edges are nice and crisp.

Step 7 Use your sewing machine or hand stitch the hole closed.

Step 8 Tie it around your dog’s neck and hit the streets!

How To Make The Cutest DIY Reversible Dog Bandanas

Dog Bandana Sewing Tips

If you’re intimidated about the sewing part of this project, don’t be! I have the OLDEST Singer sewing machine ( think it might be older than I am) and it still works great. So even if you don’t have a sewing machine of your own, I bet your aunt/grandma/mom has one in her basement that you can haul out! If that’s not the case, you can pick up a very simple machine on Amazon for under $100! I’d recommend this Singer or this adorable little machine that’s $30!

Another tip for newbie sewers… embrace the iron! Ironing your fabric between every step will make your final project turn out so much better than if you skip it. Even for a simple bandana, it’s worth the time to press your seams.

How To Make The Cutest DIY Reversible Dog Bandanas

Order Ready Made Reversible Bandanas!

Would you rather skip the whole DIY? Sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day for all these projects! It’s OK! I actually created a really cool reversible bandana that slides on to your dog’s collar and have them for sale in the Wear Wag Repeat Shop. Currently, there are 4 prints, Chocolate Chunk, Eye See You, Birthday Sprinkles and Millenial Monstera.

I’m working on new designs to add soon. Make sure you sign up for my email list and you’ll know when new designs are added!

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How To Make The Cutest DIY Reversible Dog Bandanas

How To Make The Cutest DIY Reversible Dog Bandanas

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