Do you want to help animal rescues in a unique way? I’m teaching rescues how to reach more adopters, raise awareness and fundraise with full scholarships to my online course Instagram Strategy for the Pet Obsessed! You can help… just keep reading.

One of the greatest things about social media, especially Instagram, is that your posts can be seen and shared by all kinds of people. With the right strategy, you can reach people in your hometown, people who love your particular dog breed or even people looking to rescue a new pet.

But in a time of social distancing, many animal rescues are struggling to reach their communities in person. Many facilities aren’t able to have visitors and Spring fundraising events have been canceled across the board.  That’s why it’s more important than ever to know how to leverage social media to help pets in need.

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Using Instagram To Help Animal Rescues

When I adopted my dog Burt, he’d been in the shelter for over a year. I adopted him from a rural area shelter that does amazing work but wasn’t on my radar. I always tell Burt, if only he had called or slid into my DMs! If I knew he was there waiting for me, I would have brought him home earlier.

I’m deeply passionate about how social media can help animal rescues. More than ever, this is an essential tool to help shelters reach adopters, drive donations and raise awareness.

Animal rescues who use social media effectively can:

  • Increase Adoptions
  • Boost Awareness of their Work
  • Help Harder to Adopt Pets (like Burt!) Find Homes

Luckily, I have an online course specially designed to help pet lovers grow their Instagram accounts. I’ve seen so much success with petfluencers and businesses who’ve taken Instagram Strategy for the Pet Obsessed (aka InSPO).

I know that my course could help a lot of rescues right now!

That’s why I’m introducing a Buy 1, Give 1 program. For every enrollment in InSPO I will give a full scholarship to 1 non-profit animal rescue. As long as students keep enrolling, there’s no limit on how much I can give! I hope that together we can help make a positive impact on animal rescues around the country.

Nominate an Animal Rescue for an InSPO Scholarship

I’m asking you to nominate an animal shelter or rescue for a scholarship to my online course, Instagram Strategy for the Pet Obsessed.

This course is designed specifically for pet people. It teaches you how to define your pet niche, create great content, find your audience, use hashtags strategically, and more! Most importantly, this course teaches you how to get more engagement on Instagram in less time.

Animal rescues are tight on time in the first place, so I would never recommend that they have someone spend hours on Instagram each day! The course includes sample workflows that will get you more likes, views and clicks in just 20 minutes a day.

To nominate a rescue who you think could use help with Instagram, head over to the InSPO home page and scroll about halfway down to the Buy 1, Give 1 program. There you will see the link to “Nominate a Rescue.”

Help Animal Rescues with an Instagram Course Scholarship

Curious about InSPO for yourself? If you’re interested in improving your own Instagram skills, there are some great bonuses available for April enrollments. And of course, your enrollment will lead to another animal rescue getting a scholarship!

Learn more about the course, enroll and nominate a rescue on the InSPO home page!

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Nominate an Animal Rescue for an InSPO Scholarship

Nominate an Animal Rescue for an InSPO Scholarship





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