The Tools I Use to Run My Pet Industry Blog and Podcast

Running a pet industry blog and podcast requires quite a few pieces of equipment! Over the years I put together a collection of tools, apps, programs and doo-dads that make it all possible. I get a lot of questions from other bloggers and Instagram followers about exactly what I use to take photos, blog and create my podcast. So, here’s a list of all the tools I rely on to produce everything at Wear Wag Repeat!

Tools for Pet Blog and Podcast

This post contains affiliate links so if you buy anything I recommend I could receive a small commission. I only share things that I love and actually use!

The Tools I Use For My Pet Industry Blog and Podcast

Tools I Use For My Dog Blog

Divi by Elegant Themes – This is the theme I use for my blog. It’s really easy to design new pages and add in special formatting since everything is drag and drop. This is a plugin that’s added to my WordPress site.

Mirrorless Camera – I did a lot of research last year when I wanted a new camera and found that a lot of dog photographers use mirrorless models because they can be faster than DSLRs, which makes them better for capturing dogs who never sit still! I love my Sony a7. My photos are crisper, brighter and overall much high quality than they were with my old camera. I also invested a “pancake lens” like this which is super compact and makes it easy to travel with my camera.

Lavalier Mic – For my YouTube videos I use a clip-on microphone called a Lavalier Mic. The sound quality is just amazingly different when I use this compared to the built in microphone on my phone.

ConvertKit – I’m pretty serious about building my email list so that I can stay in touch with my readers and fans regardless of the latest algorithm updates on social media sites. I have tried Constant Contact and MailChimp, but my favorite is ConverKit because it’s designed specifically for bloggers.

Tools I Use For My Dog Instagram Account

Planoly – This is my favorite app and website to use to plan my Instagram feed. It’s free if you have 1 account, and there are paid subscriptions if you want to do more. I use this to plan what order my photos will be posted in and to keep track of photos I want to use but just don’t have a spot for them yet. I also love to go on the desktop version of the app and write out my captions – it’s so much easier than typing on my phone! I love this app so much that I created a course showing how to use all the features! Check out Planoly Perfection!

A Color Story – This is my favorite app for editing photos. There are a lot of really great filters that will lighten and brighten my photos. I also love to use the lens flare lighting effects when I can to inject a little (faux) sunshine into my posts.

Bendy Tripod + Remote Shutter – I rely on a tripod and remote shutter for a lot of photos of Lucy and I together. I don’t always have someone around to take photos of us, so this is a must for me! I like to get a bendy tripod because it’s easy to use when we’re out in the woods or on a walk.

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Tools I Use For My Pet Industry Podcast

Blue Yeti USB Microphone – This is the external microphone I use to record my podcast. It’s a little pricey, but it records great quality sound. I love that it sits on my desk so there’s less risk of me hitting it with my hand and causing some kind of sound interference. I recommend ordering this pop filter that will make your voice sound super smooth!

Headphones – I just plug Apple earbuds into my Yeti mic. When I interview guests on my show I ask them to use earbuds with the built in microphone. That has worked well for me!

Recording Software – When I started, I recorded all of my podcast interviews over Skype with eCamm Call Recorder. The call recorder software automatically opens when I start Skype and I just hit record. It will capture a video and the audio of my interview in a split screen style. When I record the intros and outros to my show (and it’s just me) I use Quicktime. *Update: I currently conduct podcast interviews over Zoom and record audio on Quicktime.

Editing Software -When I first started, I edited my podcast in iMovie, then I only export the audio file. Now I’ve hired a podcast editor.

Hosting/Publishing – I publish my podcast through LibSyn with the Classic 250 package that’s $15 per month. This is enough storage for me to release a half hour show once a week and get some stats on my show. When I publish my show through LibSyn I have it set to automatically distribute to iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play.

Scheduling – Setting up interviews for my podcast can be really time consuming. I use Acuity Scheduling so that guests can pick their own time, get automated reminder emails and fill out a form with key info I need for their episode. I integrate Acuity with my google calendar so new recording appointments are automatically added to my calendar.

Canva – I create the cover images and Pinterest optimized images for each episode on Canva. It’s a free online design program that gives you access to tons of layouts, fonts and graphics. What I love is that they provide templates for each social network that are pre-sized to the optimal measurements.

Discover more tools, books and products that I use to run my business in my Amazon Shop! As I order new things and test them out, I add them to the special lists in that shop.

Is there anything that I didn’t cover that you’d like to know about? Just comment below and I’ll update this post!

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