How This Petpreneur Built a Community of Dog Moms

I’m so excited to be a part of the Master Your Brand Webinar Series produced by Dox Design. As the February featured expert I’m sharing advice about creating content that builds a community that will last. Through Wear Wag Repeat I’ve built an online community of over 60,000 enthusiastic dog moms.

Prepreneur Webinar

Petpreneur Branding + Design Webinar Series

In a world over-crowded with pet stores, products and services, you’re probably wondering how today’s hottest dog brands have climbed their way to the top. The answer? Branding and design that make customers “paws” in their tracks.

Tune into Dox Design’s highly anticipated Master Your Brand Webinar Series every month to learn from various pet businesses on how they mastered their brand to reach new heights in their business. You’ll leave every episode feeling confident with tangible takeaways and insights from each of the expert guests. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to having your own drool-worthy brand!


Creating Content That Builds a Community of Dog Moms

As the February speaker, I’m talking all about creating content that builds a community that will last. Through Wear Wag Repeat I’ve built an online community of thousands of enthusiastic dog moms. While growing my own blog and social media communities of over 60K, I also launched an online shop to support other dog mom makers.

If you haven’t listened yet, I also host a podcast highlighting women in the pet industry to inspire other women to pursue their dream of working alongside their dog. To tie everything together, I also offer online courses to share my knowledge on Instagram growth and blogging for business strategies gleaned from my own experience. 

Master your pet brand webinar series

How I’ve Built My Dog Mom Community

Are you at a loss for how to start your own pet brand or not sure how to keep growing a business you already have? Kaila from Dox Design had so many great questions for me in the webinar! Below are some of the main topics that we cover:

  • Can you give us a brief overview of your business journey and how you got to where you are?
  • What was the AH-HA moment in your business when you realized you were starting to build a strong community?
  • How can others start to identify their AH-HA moment to grow a strong base of loyal followers?
  • How do you encourage actions through your social media to get your community more engaged?
  • Why is it so important to build trust with your community?

Quote from the webinar: “If you can build trust with your audience, eventually people will think of you as an expert. When people think of you as an expert, that’s when they will want to pay you for your expertise.” Trust is where it all starts.

Ways to Build Trust with Your Audience:
Write a Blog Post
Create a PDF download with 5 of your top tips
Record a Facebook or Instagram Live
Be honest in your social media captions and comments

Are you ready to master your pet brand? Click over to Dox Design to get access to this webinar series and the free BONUS! Not only will you get access to my conversation with Kaila, but once you’re on the list you’ll hear from petpreneur experts every month and connect with like-minded pet brands in the dedicated Facebook group.

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  1. Kaila Piepkow

    Thanks for joining us this month Tori! We loved all your insights and great tidbits of information <3

    • Tori

      It was my pleasure to be a part of the series!


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