DIY: Fabric Face Mask and Matching Dog Bandana

With many states requiring us to wear face masks to go into stores (or even for a walk in some places) people have to get creative! It’s important to save medical grade masks for front line workers in hospitals. That means that people all over the country are dusting off their sewing machines and making DIY face masks.

The main thing that I use my sewing machine for these days is making dog bandanas. So when I decided to make a fabric face mask for myself, of course, I had to sew matching dog bananas, too!

DIY Fabric Face Mask and Matching Dog Bandana

While the face masks and bandanas aren’t difficult to make, they can be pretty time consuming since there are a lot of little details. That’s why I’m not selling these sets (I only made them for my family members). So I thought it might be helpful to provide you with a tutorial to DIY your own fabric face mask and matching dog bandanas. It’s not like you can go anywhere, so let’s DIY!

Tutorial for DIY Face Mask and Matching Dog Bandana

The great thing about these sewing projects is that you don’t need a lot of fabric. Also, you can improvise with a lot of the notions. For example, the “nose wire” that forms the mask to the shape of your face can be made from garden wire, pipe cleaners, or even folded tinfoil.

You can also get creative with the elastic straps. I had some stretchy cording lying around, which works great! If you can’t find any elastic, you can cut strips of t-shirt or use a long shoelace that ties behind your head.

Face Mask and Matching Dog Bandana

Making the Face Mask

First, check out guidelines from the CDC to determine how to properly wear a homemade face mask, how to clean it (machine washing is fine), and other advice.

The tutorial that I used to make my mask is by Craft Passion. Her face mask sewing pattern includes downloadable patterns in different sizes for men and women as well as really clear instructions on how to sew the mask.

I made the version that’s sized for a teen/woman with a removable nose wire and no filter pocket. When I need to wash my mask, I can remove the nose wire then replace it when the mask is clean again.

Face Mask Supplies:
Cotton fabric (quilting weight will work)
Nose Wire (floral wire, tinfoil, pipe cleaner, etc)
Elastic or string
Sewing Machine

Get the free sewing pattern and tutorial at Craft Passion.

Making the Matching Dog Bandana

My favorite style of dog bandana is an over the collar version that slips over a standard 1 inch collar. I love this because it’s one-and-done styling and it will never come untied or get lost.

I have a pattern for this bandana that includes one piece for the front and back fabric, and a piece of reinforcing interfacing that goes along the collar.

Fabric Face Mask and Matching Dog Bandana

Bandana Supplies:
Cotton Fabric
Interfacing (optional)
Sewing Machine

Get the PDF Bandana Pattern

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Once you have your pattern downloaded, cut out 2 pieces for the triangle shape. You can use the same fabric for both sides, or choose a contrasting back fabric.

Optionally, you can also cut a strip of interfacing that will reinforce the fabric along the collar and keep it from bunching up. That’s the extra special touch I add to all of my over the collar bandanas that make them look extra stylish and put together.

Sewing Instructions for An Over the Collar Dog Bandana

  1. If you’re using the interfacing, start by lining it up along the top of the wrong side of your front fabric. Leave enough room at the top for your seam allowance (About 5/8″).
  2. Fold the two sides over the short ends of the interfacing and press them into place. Take the fabric for the back of your bandana and fold over the sides of that piece in the same way and press them down.
  3. Now, sew your interfacing to the top fabric along these two sides (attach it to the wrong side of the fabric)
  4. Then, align your bandana fabric with the right sides facing each other, sew along the top edge, leaving a seam allowance. You shouldn’t stitch over the interfacing at this point. The interfacing is already attached to the edges.
  5. Next, sew along the points of the triangle. Backstitch at the start and end so that your stitches won’t come loose.
  6. Press your seams open.
  7. Flip the bandana right side out and press it again.
  8. Now, topstitch in a triangle across the bottom edge of the interfacing, then down and back up the point of the bandana.

When you’re finished, there should be a pocket that’s about 1 1/2″ wide that your dog’s collar slides through.

face mask and over the collar dog bandana

I hope this tutorial helps you stay safe and stylish during the pandemic. I always think it’s easier to follow the rules if I can look good while I’m doing it!

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DIY face mask and matching bandans

DIY face mask and matching bandans


  1. Pat

    How do I get the PDF bandana pattern?

    • Tori

      Thank you for asking! Looks like I forgot to link up the PDF. I’m adding that now if you can scroll up and click Get the Bandana Pattern : )

  2. TB Thompson

    This is such a cute idea! I’ve never seen bandanas that slide onto a collar before. Love it!


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