Easy Santa Artwork DIY For Lucy’s Pop Your Pup Portrait

Do you have a Pop Your Pup portrait of your dog? Or another stretched canvas artwork featuring your favorite furry friend? I have the perfect no-damage holiday inspired DIY to make your dog’s portrait even cuter!

I have this amazing portrait of Lucy from Pop Your Pup. I love the pink and palm print background, it goes perfectly with my style! But it’s not very Christmasy… so I came up with this super easy Santa Artwork DIY For Lucy’s Pop Your Pup portrait! Want to see how you can do it, too? Keep reading for the easiest DIY you’ll do all holiday season!

Easy Santa DIY For Lucy's Pop Your Pup Portrait

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Easy Santa DIY For Lucy's Pop Your Pup Portrait

Santa DIY for Your Canvas Dog Portrait

All you need for this holiday decor project is a wrapped canvas print of your dog, like one from Pop Your Pup, strong magnet discs and a Santa hat. Luckily Lucy’s boxy English Labrador head is the perfect size for this Santa hat, but if you need to make it bigger, just cut the hat. You’re only going to see one side of it, so you can customize it to fit the size of your pet’s head in the artwork.

Easy Santa DIY For Lucy's Pop Your Pup Portrait

Easy Santa DIY For Lucy's Pop Your Pup Portrait

No-Damage Way To Attach a Santa hat to Artwork

Simply position your magnets inside the Santa hat and on the back of the canvas. I recommend tossing one of the magnets into the point of the hat before you start so it’s easier to position the pom pom without messing up your placement of the base of the hat.

Easy Santa DIY For Lucy's Pop Your Pup Portrait

Easy Santa DIY For Lucy's Pop Your Pup Portrait

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Easy Santa DIY For Lucy's Pop Your Pup Portrait

I love this DIY because it makes Lucy’s Pop Your Pup portrait even more adorable. It always puts a smile on my face, but now it also puts me in the holiday spirit! The best part is that no damage is done to the artwork at all. When Christmas is over I can just remove the magnets and the hat.

If you don’t want to use a Santa hat, why not get creative? You could glue magnets to the back of pom poms and make it looks like it’s snowing around your dog! You could also use this same technique to attach a ribbon or some mistletoe! I can’t wait to see you try this for yourself. Make sure to tag me @tmistick and @popyourpup on Instagram with your own DIY results!

Easy Santa DIY For Lucy's Pop Your Pup Portrait

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