Decorating for Christmas with dogs in the house can be a challenge. I’m always careful what ornaments I place on the tree at “tail height”, and I don’t usually put presents out until Christmas day unless I want them unwrapped early! With so many tempting things all over the house, it’s nice to get the dogs some of their very own decorations.

This year I made a DIY dog bone Christmas stocking that I can fill with some of Burt and Lucy’s favorite things. I love how the stocking looks hanging on my mantle because it gives an extra dog-inspired touch to the rest of my decorations!

Making this bone-shaped stocking was pretty simple. I’m sharing a free pattern and tutorial with you so you can make one for your dog, too!

free dog christmas stocking pattern

Making Your Own Dog Bone Christmas Stocking

One of the reasons I love to DIY is because I can make things exactly how I want them. My holiday style is a little whimsical and vintage-inspired. For this DIY dog stocking, I was able to pick out fabrics that perfectly coordinate with the rest of my style.

Living in a cold climate, I always enjoy the lights, decorations, and joy that the holidays bring. The dogs and I spend many nights cuddled up with the Christmas tree lit and a few candles on the mantle.

One of my favorite nights of the year is when we get the first big snow. I love to walk the dogs around my neighborhood when it’s peaceful and covered in a fresh layer of snowy shimmer. It’s one of my favorite memories with the dogs every winter! That memory is the inspiration for the fabric I chose to use for this stocking.

DIY dog bone christmas stocking

DIY Dog Christmas Stocking Tutorial

I’m going to show you exactly how I made this bone-shaped dog stocking from scratch. I made my own pattern and will show you how you can do it, too.

First: Find Great Fabric!

Making your own Christmas stockings is so great because you can use fabric that coordinates with your other decorations. At Joann, I found a snow covered tree print for the outside of my stocking and red and black buffalo plaid for the inside.

Pick up ribbon and notions

I also found fabulous ribbon at Joann! Skip the regular ribbon aisle, and look for the special Christmas ribbon aisle. I found this extra-wide burlap ribbon with red whipstitching. I like how it looks wrapped around the bone it’s a great place to customize the finished stockings with my dogs’ names.

diy dog bone christmas stocking

make your own pattern dog bone stocking

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How to make our own bone shaped stocking pattern

I made this stocking 16 inches long and 9 inches wide at the widest point. Use scrap paper (or the backside of wrapping paper!) to trace out the shape. Use a ruler to draw the straight edges and a small bowl or large mug to trace the rounded ends of the bone. Keep in mind that when you sew it, there will be about 1/4″ lost on all the edges for your seam allowance. You’ll want to allocate for that in the pattern or when you cut out your fabric.

Cut out your fabric

Cut out 2 pieces of both fabrics that you’re using. When it’s cut out, place them with right sides facing and get ready to sew!

dog bone christmas stocking

dog bone christmas stocking DIY

Sew it all together!

With right sides facing, sew your bone pieces together along the sides and bottom curves. I stitched about halfway up the curve of the top rounded edges of the bone. Do not sew the top edge completely together because that’s where you’ll sew the outside fabric to the lining fabric.

When the outside fabric and the lining fabric have been sewn together along the sides and the bottom, it’s time to sew them to each other. Once again, you’ll want right sides facing as you stitch one top bone to the other top bone. Take your time and make sure it’s going to line up correctly when you flip the lining inside. Stitch the other top side but leave a 2-inch hole to flip it all through. You’ll also use that hole to attach the ribbon to hang your stocking from.

dog bone christmas stocking

Add the finishing touches to your bone shaped stocking

Once the bone and lining are complete, I cut a strip of the buffalo plaid fabric to use as the ribbon to hang our stocking. This way it perfectly coordinates with the lining and has a nice finished look. Fold the long sides of your strip into the center, so you have a finished folded edge on both sides. Then fold it in half and insert it into the hole you left in the top of the bone. Hand stitch it all together.

free dog christmas stocking

Customize Your Dog’s Christmas Stocking

I customized this stocking with my dog’s name using a simple black market on the burlap ribbon. The fabric marker I used bled, so pardon the blurriness! I’ll re-do it with a regular Sharpie when I have a chance.

For a more professional looking name, I could also take the ribbon up to a local embroidery shop and have my dog’s names stitched on. It’s really up to you how you choose to add your dog’s name or initial. Drawing or painting it on will look more homemade, while embroidery will give it a professional finishing touch.

dog christmas stocking pattern

free dog christmas stocking pattern

Dog Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Once you finish your dog’s Christmas stocking, you have to fill it up with some excellent stocking stuffers! My dogs love treats and I love cute accessories, so we’ll probably do a mix of both. I have lots of Amazon lists of our favorite products.

The Wear Wag Repeat Shop also has some fun stocking stuffers for dogs and dog moms this year. I curated a special Howliday Collection with wintery toys, a DIY ornament kit and buffalo plaid collar accessories. I also just started carrying breakfast food inspired treats from Henry & Penny.

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