Your Flower Girl Should be Your Dog

It’s no surprise that I love a good flower crown for dogs or people. Although they are a little more bohemian than my go-to style, if you’ve spent enough time on Pinterest in the last year, you can’t help but love them.

A flower crown is the perfect feminine accessory for your dog! As you can see from these photos of my dogs Lucy and Lola, a DIY flower crown will take your photoshoots over the top (in the best way!). These floral toppers can also be used to celebrate your dog’s gotcha day, birthday or your own wedding.

Chocolate lab flower crown

Flower Crown Chocolate Lab

Flower Crown for Dogs

When I saw that a local florist was hosting a flower crown workshop I signed up tout suite! The class was hosted by Stephanie of The Blue Daisy Floral Designs. Stephanie gave a great tutorial and helped us all through the process. She also had a beautiful assortment of flowers and willow branches for us to use. (Scroll down for tips on how to make your own flower crown for dogs or yourself).

I wore my completed crown out on the town right after the workshop. But naturally, I had more plans for my plants… and it involved the dogs! I returned to one of my favorite photo destinations (Mellon Park in Pittsburgh) and captured some gorgeous photos of Lola and Lucy. Lola really got to shine in this photoshoot since she can sit still for longer, while Lucy constantly tried to knock the crown off.

I know there are tons of brides out there pinning this image to their boards, so go ahead and click the “Pin It” button and it to your own boards. Keep scrolling for the DIY tutorial and links to a few of my favorite ready made flower crowns for dogs. If you’re planning on having your dog at your wedding, listen to my podcast episode with wedding videogrpaher and dog mom Megan Sutherland who has some great tips!

Flower Crown Chocolate Lab

Flower Crown Chocolate Lab

DIY Your Own Flower Crown For Dogs

If you want to make your own flower crown, it’s fairly simple, but it takes time. Mine took about 90 minutes to make! You need floral wire and lots of floral tape (I recommend this wire and this tape).

DIY Instructions
Wrap a length of wire (long enough to fit around your head or your dog’s head) with floral tape. Cover it! Then make a whole bunch of tiny little bunch of flowers. Each of mine had 3 different flowers or branches. I used about 15 little bunches to create my crown.

Once you have all of the little bunches made, you attach them one at a time to the taped wire with more floral tape. You want to start at the top and work your way down so each bunch overlaps the one before. This way you won’t have gaps that show them the crown is rounded and placed on your head.

Tips: You can be as complicated or a simple as you want, but keep in mind that the more flowers you have the heavier it will be. I made my crown with fresh flowers, but if you use faux then this will last for years of doggy photoshoots! Order a mix of flowers for the best results. Here’s some cool lavender, succulents and peonies that would all be great in a flower crown!

Once you have a fabulous flower crown ready, you’ll want to throw a puppy party with some delicious pupcakes for your friends.

Flower Crown Chocolate Lab

Flower Crown Chocolate Lab

Chocolate lab flower crown

Ready Made Flower Crowns for Dogs

Maybe you’re not feeling crafty? That’s OK! There are tons of talented dog moms out there who’ve already done the hard work for you. I handpicked my favorite flower crown makers on Etsy who will get your all set up for your big day – these ladies specifically make flower crowns for dogs!

Flowers and Frosting makes this crown that’s super similar to the one I made! Pulelehua Designs will custom make you a Hawaiian inspired flower crown to fit your colors and vibe. If you think twinning is winning, then you’ll want to check out Ellis Originals who has a Mommy/Doggie matching flower crown or collar set!

Flower Crown Chocolate Lab

Flower Crown Chocolate Lab

Love this DIY? I have so many more ideas for projects you can do with your dog. Access them all in my Recipe and DIY Library. Just click the link below and you’ll get the secret code to get in!

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